Monday, October 31, 2005

December Linkup Drinkup?

For some reason, I'm in a very festive mood this morning. Yes, I know Thanksgiving and Christmas are a ways off, but I'm already getting myself into the spirit, you dun know! Anyhow, my fellow bloggers, remember a little while ago I had suggested a potential meeting of the blogging minds so to speak (aka a Linkup Drinkup)? Well, I figure that with Christmas just around the corner, said plans must be set in motion. So, how does this sound as a tentative plan?

The Plan
1. Meet up at The Rib Kage sometime in the evening on December 23, 2005 (it's a Friday, I checked!) for a few drinks and some lively banter.

2. Depending on how the vibes flowing, we opt to either:
a) Chill out at the Kage and gwaan chat.
b) Go somewhere livlier like Quad or, dare I say, Asylum?
c) Find something else to do depending on how we feel

Alright, so that is the plan so far...I am completely open to suggestions and/or thoughts, so lemme know what unnu tink!

More Bless

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mi Hot!

Yes my crew, how the Saturday treating y'all? Well, I didn't go to Delaware to see Ms. Pebbles, so I'm here in Little Big City chilling and watching a little TV before retiring to bed, which not going to happen anytime soon btw. Well, the title of this post is due not to the weather, but to one Ms. Halle Berry! You see, I was watching Catwoman a while ago and after seeing said film I am in an extreme state of excitement on a physical level, if you know what I mean ;). Sexy abs, black leather, and a whip will do that to a brotha!

Anyhow, as per usual, I don't have much to say tonight a backside, so I'll stop short and go read some blogs :)

Friday, October 28, 2005


Whappen my crew? Given my inconsistent blogging over the past few months, it's probably not a surprise to any of you that my posts are non-existent this week. Well, let me tell you what a rass week I've had iya! Yours truly nearly froze to death! Yes, you heard me, froze to death in the middle of October! How the rass did that happen? Well, I'm glad unnu (y'all) asked. As it turns out, we've been having a couple days of rain with Wilma snooping around and all. Unfortunately, rain wasn't the only thing in store for us here in little old West Virginia. A sudden cold front developed on Monday night and rushed through our state, causing extremely low temperatures. Since there was much moisture in the air, the drastic change in the climate resulted in the production of my numero uno enemigo (number 1 enemy)...SNOW!

Now, I've dealt with snow and cold weather before and I've even driven in extreme conditions a few time; however, the one thing I didn't really account for was the fact that most of the trees still had leaves on them (it's Fall, so the leaves are still changing colors) and the combined weight of the snow and the leaves resulted in branches being ripped off and actual trees toppling over! Tuesday morning I woke up to about 3 inches of snow and my neighbor pulling a huge branch from off the hood of her Jeep. Luckily for me I'd come in pretty late on Monday and wasn't parked under the said tree, which happens to be used to be my favorite parking spot...but it was a narrow miss still, as I was parked just one car down from where the branch fell. Anyhow, a miss is a miss, thank God for that!

Of course y'all know that when trees start toppling, the next thing to go is power lines! Sure enough, I lost power at around 7:30am on Tuesday morning. Here's a little equation for y'all:

No Power = No Electrical Appliances
Stove && Central Heat = Electrical Appliances
:: No Heat && No Cooking

Regardless of having no electric at home, I decided to make my way to work (because I'm such a brave soul); however 10 miles from home a tree had fallen across the roadway and although my little Honda, God bless her, kicks major ass, she really is not suitably equipped for such driving situations, so I had no choice but to call the office and inform them that I couldn't make it in to work.

Eventually, I made my way back home, after slip sliding around in the snow and dodging downed power cables and trees. I had hoped that power would've been restored, but no such luck! At this point, the Dog start to fret, because the apartment getting colder by the minute and food in the fridge and freezer getting ready to spoil! No flames to cook with, hence money going down the drain. Fortunately I keep a few batteries next to the radio, so I was able to tune in to some news and find out what the deal was.

The news itself wasn't too heartening, since the power company had been swamped with so much work that they didn't think they'd be able to get power back to most residences until Friday (i.e. today). Rass, how I going bathe? How I going eat? How I going keep warm? All these thoughts rushing through my head as I listen to the news and hear reports about people in higher elevations seeing up to 12 inches of snow! Anyhow, eventually I calmed down and went out with a few friends to pick up an igloo, some ice, and some flashlight batteries. I packed all the food in the igloo, though it was already too late for the frozen stuff, set up my flashlights, found as many blankets and comforters as I could, and decided to fight out the night.

Next morning I woke up, managed to take a shower with the remnants of the hot water left in the heater, and go to work. The landscape looked like a hurricane had hit it and it will take several days to recover (though I did get my power back on Wednesday evening, so life is back to normal).

Anyhow, I gotta go, have a great weekend y'all!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday Recap

Good day all. How was the weekend? Hope you all had a great one--despite the rain for my Jamaican crew and the hurricane preparedness for my Florida massive. Monday came and went and, thank God, I am unscathed. Today sort of dragged on, and I'm really happy that it's over! Just four more days to go and the weekend will be upon us once more and I (weather permitting) will be able to make my way up to see Pebbles once again.

Other than classes and meetings, nothing really interesting to report, except that I'm happy to report that I found a "diet" and training program that might actually work for me after all! I'm motivated to the extent that I even went out and bought myself 60-lbs of weights--hopefully the results will show in December when I make my way to the rock for Christmas.

Anyhow, just a quick holla @ u all. Hope the week goes great!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Shaggy Flop :(

Well, after many days of searching the local music stores for a copy of Shaggy's new CD, Clothesdrop, I can now say with 100% certainty that the CD flop! Not just a little flop IMHO, a big rass one! Of course, there are a few tracks that can listen still and my personal favorite is Wild 2 Nite with Olivia, the tune bad iya! Other than that, I can say that the other tracks are mediocre at best, with a few exceptions. Although, admittedly I am interested in the unique way in which he blended the steel drums with the song Clothes Drop and the fact that he used some old school dancehall riddims in some of the other tracks.

On another note of interest, I also bought the Batman Begins DVD, even though I saw the flick in the movie theaters already. Still an excellent movie with well-developed, complex characters. It is the best Batman movie ever IMHO and definately worth the money I spent on it!

BTW, while I'm on the movie tangent, Sylvester Stallone is getting ready to film Rocky 6! Kiss mi rass! Rocky coming out of retirement again? Hasn't he had enough? Logically speaking, Rocky started boxing in his mid-thirties, and that was back in now, in 2005, he would be in his mid-60's nearing the 70 mark and he planning to go back into the ring again??? Don't make no sense--but, undoubtedly I shall make my way to the movie theater whenever it comes out in 06 - 07.

Oh well, as you might easily be able to tell, I have nothing more interesting to write about today--except that I'll be on vacation starting tomorrow (so all you haters can guweh!) and I'll be making my way up to Delaware very soon, as soon as car get serviced. Take it easy and big up!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Weekend Recap + Toledo, OH + Sean Paul

Weekend Recap
So, Friday I picked up myself and decided to go see Pebbles in Delaware...a very good move on my part, because I really missing the girl and I don't do a damn thing in Little Big City anyway (except watch TV, do grades, and listen to the damn neighbor f*ing upstairs). To get to Pebbles, I have to spend quite a bit of time on I-95, going thru Baltimore. Along the way there are several toll booths, which I almost always approach with dread! It's not necessarily the money I have to spend on the toll, it's the fact that my driver's side window needs a new regulator and I haven't the time to fix it these days, so whenever I wind the window down to pay the toll, is either hit or miss as to whether or not the window will wind back up. This day it was a miss to r@$$! In fact, it was such a big miss that I had to take it to the garage on Saturday morning to have the bitches pull my door down and charge me $55 just to tell me that the frigging regulator was bad (which I already knew) and that they didn't have it in stock! Cho r@$$!

Anyhow, aside from the window, the weekened was pretty irie still...except that Delaware is the most boring city in the world, where everything closes at 1:00am and there are no hip-hop/dancehall clubs anywhere! Well, OK, there is a sort of dancehall club inside of a likkle Jamaican restaurant, but the friggin' yardie dem who patronize the venue don't dance fi nutten! Dem jus siddung and drink Heineken and Red Stripe and chart foolishness! Glorified rum bar with good music, that's all it was!

We bounced out of there since it was only me one wid 3 women (2 Spanish girls and an Egyptian) and I never really like how some of the looks we were getting (neither did the girls for that matter), plus there is no way I could justify paying $3.75 for 1 damn Red Strip!

The night ended with us going downtown at 12:20am only to find out that the one club that was "hype" was closing @ 1:00am and they were only playing Madonna to raatid! Not even contemporary Madonna, 80's Madonna! So, we had was to take the other two young ladies alone and, after chatting for a while, bid them farewell and returned to our abode.

Toledo, OH
I was watching a protest in Toledo, OH on Saturday, where some Neo-Nazis were planning to march in a neighbourhood (on the same day as the million man & woman march redux) to protest "gang violence perpetrated by black gangs". Imagine, a gang of racist thugs protesting by having an organized march in a residential weird is that? Anyhow, it was good to see black folks gathered together to protest (and more likely drop two rocks against) this foolish racism that freedom of speech allows to take place in this country. Well, when the skinheads saw so many black folks, they bounced out really fast and I was pretty happy...until... the frigging protestors began to loot and vandalize the houses in the area! Very disturbing to see our young brothers and sisters making fools of themselves on the most watched news channel (CNN) for some foolishness like this. All these actions boil down to is food for the racists and these idiots just fell right into the snare! Unnu need to stop the friggry behaviour and behave better man, cho! Just because we're black don't mean we have to act the fool and just because some ignorant black folks act the fool, it don't mean that all of us are like that!

Sean Paul
I bought Sean Paul's Trinity CD...a good mixture of dance tracks still...though We Burnin' is definately my new soundtrack! It's been on heavy rotation in the CD Changer of late. The one thing I don't understand is why the hell it's so hard to understand what the hell SP is saying? I'm Jamaican, I speak perfect(ish) patois, so why I cyaan understand what the rass the man saying? Anyhow, as I said, the CD does have some hype dance tracks still, but I think the $13 I paid for it was a tad too much for the caliber of CD.

Anyhow, that is all I have to report now, so y'all have a good one!


Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday already?

Rass, I cyaan believe is Friday already iya! Seems like just yesterday it was Thursday and now, zoops, Friday has once more descended upon us! I not complaining still, I glad fi the weekend...especially since I going check Pebbles tonight (anodder 3.5 hour drive, but the girl worth it iya!). Need to finish teaching one last class then mek a stop and nyam some food and put some gas inna di Honda and away we go!

Anyhow, I going keep this post short still, since is Friday and unnu not inna no long reading. Oh yeah, before I forget, I get a joke this morning and I going buss it pon unnu:

Three businessmen sitting in a jacuzzi in a conference hotel. A Jamaican, a Chinese, and an American. Suddenly, the American hip start to vibrate, and the others asked him "is what happen to you hip?" To which he replied, "Oh, my company just had a pager implanted into my hip, that way they can be sure that it's always with me!"

After a while, the Chinese man's arm starts to vibrate, and he lifts his right arm and puts his index finger to his mouth and begins to speak in very rapid Chinese. After a few minutes, he puts his arms down and explains to the others "Oh, this latest technology in China, cellphone implant in arm!"

Eventually, the Jamaican excuses himself and heads of for a few moments. After a while he returns and as he enters the jacuzzi, the others notice a few sheets of toilet paper hanging from his ass. The Chinese man pipes up "what with paper from ass?" The Jamaican replies, "Oh, I getting a fax from the island!"

Anyhow, that is my contribution, if unnu don't like it unnu guweh! I gone! Have a criss weekend and don't do anything that I would!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Would you be my friend if...

I didn't have a blog? This question has been sort of riding my mind a lot lately. See, I look at my blogroll and there are so many people whom I can look to for some daily insight, humor, and even advice on occassions. Is it odd that I feel close to some of my blogroll friends, even though I've never met most of them in real life? Is the blog really and truly my primary source for social interaction nowadays? If so, then God help me!

I am thankful for blogging still, since I've met many wonderful folks in real life, such as Dr. D, Mad Bull, Yamfoot, Scratchie, and Princess P. But the thing is that most of these "blog bredrins and sistrens" are in a different generation than me and I'm not sure our paths would've even crossed had it not been for the common interest in blog-writing. I guess tat the question that best frames what I'm thinking about is how does one go about making friends in the real-world? I seem to have lost that skill, can someone enlighten my darkness?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Random Vexations

Yes nyah, I man vex this morning...not the typical "somebody do something to me, so I vex" kind of vex. I just vex for no other reason than I am vexed! Anyhow, here is a list of my vexations for your reading pleasure...if you want to read it, then read it--if not, then f* off! (just kidding still folks, no disrespect intended here).

Vexation #1: Welcome to Jamrock Music Video
Every time I see that video, I vex. Not because of Junior Gong (whom I respect to the core) nor because of the lyrics (which are damn tight!) but because the f*ing censors ruined a perfectly good song. Can anyone explain to me why it's perfectly OK to be able to say words like "bitch", "ho", and "shit" on regular TV...yet words like "glock", "pop off", and "weed" are censored? Don't make sense to me.

Vexation #2: The Ultimate Hustler
Yep, Damon Dash is on BET with his own take of The Apprentice called the Ultimate Hustler (airs on BET Tuesdays @ 9pm). The premise is similar to the Apprentice except it's targetted toward a minority audience. Very interesting show and Dash does provide some insight and humor, but I'm mostly mad because my boy Kwame from New Orleans got eliminated for trying to hustle Swizz Beats at dice and getting his ass whooped. You can check out the site at BTW, Sizzla made a cameo appearance!

Vexation #3: Gas
Need I say more?

Vexation #4: The F*ing Neighbour
Yes, she still at it again trying to break down my roof!

Anyhow, I not really that vex you hear, I just didn't have too much else to post, so sorry :(

Friday, October 07, 2005

Memories of Fridays Past

Happy Friday to all my fellow bloggers! Just swinging by to hail you up before I head out to see Pebbles for the weekend and get some much needed R & R. It's quite rainy here today in West Virginia, but you dun know seh the work haffi gwaan! (*sigh* not like when I was a youngster back in Jamaica and rainy days were always a good excuse to call off school!). Anyhow, as I was driving in to work this morning, my mind began to wander a little know the usual thing with driving long distances with only the radio for companionship. Anyhow, I began to think about how the meaning of Friday has changed for me over the years and figured that it would be interesting to put things down in words, just to see how my life has changed over time:

When I was in Prep school, Fridays were both frightening and exciting at the same time. Frightening because I had to face my Phys. Ed. instructor and, being one of only two fat kids in school, it was quite a traumatic moment in my young life! See, he figured that he'd try to work off all my fat in one session, and sometimes I think he would've succeeded had it not been for me having to stop exercising to throw up more often than not. On the plus side, Friday was right before Saturday, and I knew that if I could make it to 5:00pm then I'd have the entire weekend to chill out and watch cartoons. Unfortunately, Fridays became pretty bad after a while when my Dad enrolled me for swimmng lessons at the local YMCA center. This meant that I'd not only have Phys. Ed. on a Friday, but my Saturday cartoons were ruined as well! However, life got back to normal after the YMCA burned down.

When I started High School, Fridays were much better, since Phys. Ed. classes were held during the weekdays (a Wednesday I believe) and the coach didn't care too much whether or not you showed up...just prove to him that you could run around a little bit, do a few pushups and situps, and you'd get your A, no problem! I would always look forward to Fridays because it meant that I could kick back and relax at home, probably do a few things with the family, like go to the supermarket for Grandma or occassionally hang out with my Dad and his wife.

From about 3rd form and all through Community College, I became a lot more outgoing and got involved in the martial arts. The people whom I worked out with were like a family and, since I was at an age where I was rejecting my own family, it made sense that I would spend more time with my surrogate family. Fridays were great then because you knew that you could look forward to some intense training, a lot of laughs, and an all-round good time! You'd train hard, feel good about yourself, go home to bed, wake up the next morning, go back to the gym again for some training or the occasional testing or tournament. Usually the "family" would go out on Saturdays to a movie or some other social activity, and you'd get to meet girls by the droves!

Eventually when I made the decision to study abroad my social life went from very high to zero in no time flat. I lived with my aunt for the first semester and Fridays were pretty much for staying home and watching TV or going with her to some church event or hanging out with some of her friends who were many times older than me and whom I had nothing in common with. After she left Little Big City, my social life got a bit better, as I used to hang out with my friends from school at the local student center. Later on, I discovered the joy of hanging out a bars and clubs (a.k.a. liming) smelling everything from stale alcohol to cigarette smoke and weed.

Nowadays, Fridays are divided into odds and evens--I go to see Pebbles on the odd Fridays and stay in Little Big City on the even Fridays. When I go to see Pebbles, we hang out, enjoy each others company, explore the town together, and just have a great time! When I'm in Little Big City, Fridays usually involove cleaning the house, watching TV until the wee hours of the morning, hacking code, grading and preparing for the following week's classes. I have very few friends here and the ones I do have, I rarely see, so I'm pretty much left with a lot of time to think (though all this changes when I touch down in Jamrock), but you know what, I prefer it this way...

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Likkle Midweek Chat

Well hello there! How are you all doing? Hope everything is fine and the gas prices not killing y'all. I have to tell you though that since gas is now at $3+ / gallon (again) here in good old Little Big City, West Virginia, I feel a great sense of guilt every time I put my foot on the accelerator. Who knew that my entire life would be generalized down to a single equation:

Higher Speed = More Gas = Less Disposable Income = Broke = No Social Life

Yep, that's my life in a nutshell right there! Anyhow, I shouldn't complain isn't all bad, there's food in the fridge, I can afford to go see Pebbles on the weekend and do stuff (though on a much stricter budget), I have my health, and God is good!

Anyhow, before I forget, I have to tell you all about my Tuesday adventures iya! I went to a Jamaican restaurant here in West Virginia, about half an hour or so from my workplace! Can you believe it people? There is actually a Jamaican restaurant here! Now, if you knew where I worked, you too would be shocked and amazed about this fact. I work in an area that is about 99% white and 150% country, if you catch my drift! Here you can see "good ol' boys" running rampant in their jacked up pickup trucks with the confederate flag license plates and/or mud-flaps, deer rifles in the cabs, and camoflauge in abundance! (do you know that you can get camoflauge boxer shorts?). I work in a world where students skip class to go fishin' at the crik (creek) and deer-hunting is more than a hobby, it's a sporting event.

Yes, I work in a rural area, where people get weirded out when they see a person of color walking down the street; hence, I am still trying to figure out how, in all this "redneckness", a Jamaican restaurant that is owned by a bonafied Jamaican hombre which serves (semi) authentic Jamaican food (e.g. ackee and salt-fish codfish) suddenly appears in the middle of this redneck paradise!!! Now, if it had happened in Little Big City, no surprise, I'd probably say that it's about time (Little Big City has a large, diverse population of foreigners, so it's normal to see many restaurants from all over the world), but the fact that it's located this far away is still something I cannot fathom.

But anyhow, I digress. I went there with a faculty member and his wife and we had a great time. I had curry goat (something I'd been missing for a looong time!) and my only complaint was that it wasn't peppery enough (watered down for American tastes) and the portions were less than adequate. Also had an opportunity to drink a couple glasses of Ting, which went really well with the curry goat (I did want a Red Stripe, but wasn't too sure on my colleauge's position on alkyhol). Anyhow, I will definately go to visit again, even if it is to eat two pate (patty) as the manager calls it!

Other than that, I went to another colleauge's house yesterday to hook up her wireless network, so I am promised some Indian food for lunch today. Bwoy, I not complaining still, I'm probably the only technician you could pay in food and he's content :).

Anyhow, I need to go finish doing some adult work and I will holla at unnu lata!

{Respec' in all Aspec'}

Monday, October 03, 2005

F'ing Neighbours!

Well, as it turned out, I didn't get to drive up to see Pebbles this weekend...way too much work to do. Oh well, next weekend I'll be there baby! Anyhow, you're probably wondering from the title of my post what is the latest in the never-ending saga with me and the neighbour. Well, as it turns out, I'm in bed Saturday night/Sunday morning at around 2:00am. Now, I'm not sure if I mentioned to you that neighbour is a lesbian...if not, now you know. Anyhow, I guess she found a new girlfriend or something, but at 2:00am, I hear footsteps and laughter above my head. Ok, no problem so far. Suddenly laughter stops and no more footsteps. All is well for a few minutes and I drift back into sleep.

About 10 minutes later, I hear the bed springs creaking, a few passionate moans and groans here and there, and then the damn dog start to bark! Apparently doggie don't like what she seeing. Anyhow, neighbor stops and tells the dog to shut up a few times, then decides to ignore it completely. For two hours straight, I am subjected to bedspring creaking, neighbor moaning, and dog barking. Where this rass woman get that kind of endurance from, I don't know! All I know is that at one point I was afraid that the bed was going to break down with them and fall through the ceiling and kill me on the spot!

Eventually, they finished what they had to do, and went to bed...thank God! Anyhow, other than that Saturday night episode, the weekend was relatively pleasant and uneventful. Spent much of it just chilling at home, did a little bit of exercise, bought a new diet book (more on that later), watched TV, graded a few assignments, and prepared an exam. All in all, a very restful weekend. Now it's time to head back out to the grind! Wish me luck now.

Have a great week everyone!