Monday, May 01, 2006


The weekend came and went and I'm almost happy it's over. Not much was accomplished. Graded a few papers, spoke to Pebbles part of Saturday and most of Sunday, watched a few movies. Finally got to see White Noise with Michael (aka "The best Batman before Christian Bale") Keaton. Interesting film, though it was somewhat weird and extremely disturbing. I'll never look at the white noise on my TV without wondering if someone is trying to contact me from the other side and hoping that they never will (unless they have some secret to tell me about a large sum of $$$). Also rented A History Of Violence with Viggo Mortensen. Overall a good movie with a solid plot and just enough gratuitous violence to keep someone like me sufficiently entertained for a few hours.

I also spent a few hours in the gym on Saturday. I'm definately getting stronger, losing the weight, and feeling a whole lot better about myself physically. The chest is getting harder, the arms bigger, and the legs and shoulders feeling the strength. Now if I could just somehow manage to get my diet in the proper order then I might just be able to get rid of more belly fat! Oh well, it is a work in progress and I can't expect to undo several years of physical neglect to my body in a few weeks. Patience is a very difficult lesson to learn sometimes.