Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Name Game

Was just over at Kami's and JDid's blogs. Seems as if they both have the name thing on their minds this morning (still laughing @ Scoobay, JDid). Since I am a Pirate of the Caribbean and I really don't have much to post this morning anyway, I decided that I'd just jump on the 'names topic' bandwagon and make my contribution.

Picture it: two girls walking in a park, Akira from Japan, and Isabel from Spain. The girls see an ugly little dog, you know the ugly little pug dog, right?

Anyhow, the girls see this little ugly dog and begin to make fun of it, laughing at it, and having a blast commenting on how damn unfortunate the poor little animal is. Eventually, the owner comes up to the dog and says, "Isabel, Isabel, come here Isabel, that's a good girl..." Shock. Silence. Suddenly, the Japanese looks at the Spaniard and says, "Hey Isabel, did she just call that dog Isabel?" To which the Spaniard replies, "Yes..."

Now, y'all may think I'm trying to give you a joke this morning, but I'm not. It really happened to my friend Isabel (name changed to protect the innocent). So the moral of the story you ask? Don't make fun of ugly little dogs, they just might share your name!

Hey, you know that they're really going ahead and making a new Superman movie? It's set for release Summer 2006. Basically, Superman returns to earth after many years absence, only to find that Lois Lane has moved on with her life, the world has learned to live without him, and I seriously doubt that Clark Kent still has a job at the Daily Planet.

It's gonna be hard for me to see anyone but Christopher Reeve in the red and blues still, so I hope Warner Brothers and Dark Horse Comics do a damn good job in making a good storyline with believable characters, sort of like they did with Batman Begins

Friday, July 22, 2005

New York Trip

You know, I'm thoroughly enjoying this summer break. For the first time in my life, I have the the three most important elements that make for a fun vaction, i.e. time, money, and wonderful people! Anyhow, New York was a blast! Pebbles and her sister dragged me around the city mercilessly, seeing everything that one could possibly expect to see. My feet hurt, I was exhausted, but still we had a great time.

We arrived at our hotel in East Rutherford, NJ on Friday evening. We decided that it was a tad too late to go to Manhattan and we ended up dining at the TGIF about 1/2 mile from the hotel. Saturday morning found the three of us roaming around Manhattan staring in complete awe at the many gigantic edificies that make up the city's distinctive skyline.

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We spent a little time visiting St. Patrick's cathedral. Very beautiful place indeed. Lots and lots of little stone carvings and many, many tourists.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Of course, no New York trip is complete without a shot of the Chrysler Building...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

...and the Empire State Building.

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We took a tour of the United Nations building. They gave us a discount because the A/C in two of the rooms for the tour were broken. In the picture above, you see the main area where all UN delegates gather. If you can make out the sign of St. Lucia, Jamaica's seat is directly left of it.

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After many hours, we found ourselves aboard the Staten Island Ferry, where we got our first good look at the NYC skyline post-9/11. We did go to Ground Zero and believe me it was a heart-wrenching moment to see all the wreckage and debris left in the wake of the disaster...

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Here's lady Liberty in all her magnificence. We didn't get to go to the statue herself and I was once more disappointed that I didn't have an opportunity to once more look under the great lady's dress. Though I made up for this disappointment by counting the number of nosehairs in a wax version of Nicolas Cage and staring down Beyonce's dress. Yes, we did visit Madam Tussaud's wax museum on 42nd street.

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On Sunday, we went to Wall Street and I had the sudden urge to make lots and lots of money. Of course, we did have an opportunity to see the Merril-Lynch Bull and I realized that it was really an anotomically correct creation. German tourists seem to love grabbing the bull by the balls, I wonder why...

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After coffee at Starbucks and a meeting with an odd, post-alcoholic Jewish man who tried to convince us to go to the Bronx and walk around (and whom also made the offhanded comment that we didn't seem to be very rich tourists...he's right, but damn!), we managed to find our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Originally we intended to go up the Empire State Building on Sunday but because of zero-visibility, we were unable to make it that day. However, being the persistent tourists we are, we went back on Monday morning and waited for almost half day in line for our opportunity to see the wonderful view from the great edifice. It was truly magnificent and totally worth the wait + the $14 entry fee.

We drove the six hours back on Monday evening and I was exhausted beyond belief. However, a day of rest later, we were ready to release our inner children once more and visit Kennywood Amusement Park. I would write about it now, but I'll save it for another day when I have some downtime. I must go now and prepare for a wedding!

{Ruff, Ruff}

Thursday, July 14, 2005

So much news, yet nothing to post!

Call it writer's block, call it laziness, call it whatever the hell you want. Today is the first day in quite a while that I've been able to sit in front of a computer and pour my thoughts out into my blog. Pebbles' sister is visiting from Spain and we've been spending most of our time outdoors showing her all the sites of Little Big City. We had intended to go to an amusement park day before yesterday, but one of our friends had an allergic reaction, and we ended up taking her to the hospital instead.

Anyhow, we're headed to New York tomorrow, so I won't have too much time to post in the next few days. See y'all on the flipside!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Farewell Luther

Hi there! Sorry I haven't posted for a while, you see Pebbles and I had to make a trip up to Newark, DE to find an apartment close to her job. We spent the better part of last Wednesday calling and making appointments and left early on Thursday morning to go see places. It was fun, albeit frustrating at times, and Pebbles has found herself with a vast number of beautiful apartments to choose from. After finishing our business yesterday afternoon, we had the opportunity to head over to PA to visit Dr. D. and family. A wonderful time was had by all and we topped off the evening with dinner at Red Lobster and the good doctor was kind enough to bless us with Luciano's latest CD and a bag of genunine Jamaican coffee, many thank yous sir! We also had the great opportunity of meeting Dr. D's sister, brother-in-law, and their niece--lovely little girl! Much good times were had and the good doctor, his lovely sister and cool brother-in-law had us laughing for a long time!

So, we finally made it back home at around 1:15 am after surviving insane 4th of July drivers, an evening rainstorm, insane Amish folk, and deadly speed traps in hick country! I was most distressed to see that famous R&B icon Luthor Vandross died on Friday at the age of 54.

He will always be remembered for his deep, lush voice and seductive lyrics. Yes, we have lost another one of our greats. Rest In Peace Brother Luther.