Monday, March 20, 2006

[What_Do_29_Year Olds Do] || [I_Need_A_Hobby]

Lately I've been asking myself what sort of things 29-year-olds do for fun, more specifically what do 29-year-olds living alone in a college town where the average age is 22 do for fun. I neither long for nor enjoy the club scene, nor am I a fan of the Bluegrass and Country and Western music scene that festers within the town, and I'm especially not interested in visiting the porn shops and strip clubs that are listed under the "adult entertainment" section of the local newspaper. Listening to the neighbor having sex just doesn't excite me as much anymore and there's just so much television a person can watch without getting bored!

I knew my life hit rock-bottom the other day when I found myself sitting in the local Barnes and Noble bookstore looking at books on knitting and sewing for over an hour. I guess blogging and going to the gym would be considered hobbies; however, I consider both activities to be an integral part of my life and should be separated from hobbies (at least as far as my defintion of hobby goes). Chatting online used to be an awesome hobby, until I realized that most of my friends don't want to talk to me anymore!

For a while I was totally into the model car kit scene, until I realized that I had managed to get model paint over every conceivable surface of my apartment, including the kitchen sink and I was usually way to high from the glue to put the pieces in their proper positions. Not to mention the embarassing moment where I had residual glue on my fingertips and went to use the restroom...I'll leave the rest up to your imagination, but just so you know, most of the skin and hair has already grown back. Speaking of hair, a few weeks ago I blogged about shaving all the hair from my arms, legs, and chest. Since then, I've shaved all the hair from my head as well--yes, you guessed it, body-shaving has become a new hobby of mine; however, it's not that great of an activity, since I tend to run out of hair to shave quite rapidly.

Well, suffice it to say, I've found myself a brand new hobby and I think it's gonna work really well! I've decided to take my programming skills and use it for the greater good of mankind by writing free software to benefit educators. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I've become an open-source code hacker at! What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that I'll actually have stuff to come home and do in the evenings after I get home from the gym and I'll be improving on my programming abilities (which is already pretty sharp because of the courses I teach). Hell, at some point in time, I might actually pick up another hobby, such as "pursuing a Doctorate in Computer Science". Do you have any suggestions for hobbies that I might like?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Well, I'm once more back to work after having a wonderful Spring Break. After one week and two weekends of doing nothing (including not updating my blog) I'm ready to take on the rigors of academia once again. Farewell to the house-boyfriend and welcome back to the stressed out college professor living alone in Little Big City.

I just got done teaching a class and decided to read a little bit of the CNN headlines that flash on the campus website on a daily basis. I was saddened to see that the reigning Ms. Deaf Texas, Tara Rose McAvoy was tragically struck and killed by a train yesterday. Apparently, the youngster (she was only 18) was walking near railroad track when a train came up behind her and struck her, killing her instantly. Apparently the operator had been blowing the horn up until the accident; however, she was unable to hear the approaching vehicle. A sad, sad end to a young life. My condolences to her family and friends.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


For the first time in forever I'm disappointed that today is Wednesday. Why? Because it means that I'm now at the midpoint of my Spring Break vacation and in just a few short days I'll have to once more resume my teaching responsibilities. The week has been quite interesting so far, though admittedly I've spent much of the time alone since Pebbles isn't afforded the luxury of Spring Break at her place of employment. I've been living the life of a kept man to some extent and Pebbles has benfitted a great deal from this! I cook, clean, wash, iron, cater to her every needs and I've actually been enjoying this! Aside from those things, all I do in the days is eat, exercise, and watch TV. I could seriously get used to this lifestyle! No kidding, I'm seriously contemplating becoming a house-husband! Why not? It's the 21st Century and there should be equality for all!

Anyhow, not staying too long at all, just wanted to update youn's as to what I've been up to! Have a great day!!!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Rumble, Young Man, Rumble

Another Friday has descended upon us and I'm once more looking at the prospect of the weekend. This weekend will be much more fun however, because I'm gonna be meeting up with my darling Pebbles and we'll be spending one solid week + two weekends together. God bless Spring Break! I'm still contemplating whether or not I should leave today because there is a winter storm watch in effect. I imagine what I'll do is wait until this afternoon and see how the weather here turns out (simply because I know that if it's bad here, it's going to be even worse at the mid-way point of my journey due to extremely high elevation). Anyhow, that issue will work itself out sooner or later.

Now you're probably wondering why my post is entitled Rumble, Young Man, Rumble and why I have a picture of Ali, right? I find the man to be an inspiration and for the last few days this sentence has been a sort of mantra for me. It even inspired me to throw down a few lines which, of course, I'll share with you this morning. So, I present to you my latest poem entitled "Rumble, Young Man, Rumble". Have a great weekend all!

Rumble, Young Man, Rumble

When the pressures of life get you down
And Babylon keeps trampling you into the ground

When fear and oppression is all that you see
And the Man just won't let you be

Step back, hold your head up high
And rumble, young man, rumble

When the hunger burns deep down into your soul
And you can't find shelter from the cold

When you try to walk, but keep falling down
And there never seems to be anyone around

Rise up Brotherman, rise up, be strong
And rumble, young man, rumble

When the world rejects you because of your skin,
And you sometimes feel that being Black is a sin

When you're treated like garbage in your own homeland
And not even your friends will lend a helping hand

Just remember that you are descended from African kings
And rumble, young man, rumble