Monday, January 23, 2006

A Li'l Post

Is it Monday already? Say it isn't so! Oh well, I really don't have anything to complain about today. Thank God for life, love, a decent job, and food! It is a little bit rainy here, but thank the Lord it's not snowing and the temperature is high enough to prevent ice from forming on the roads.

JDid, you were right, now that the arm hairs are growing back, it itches nuh rass! I must say that I really like the new hairless look and I'm probably going to shave them again. Yes to your comment on my last post CoolDestiny.

Woke up this morning filled with the intention of doing a little bit of yoga, unfortunately those plans were set aside because I needed to finish preparing a class which I should've really prepared on the weekend but didn't feel like. Fortunately most of my class preps are done and I'm now free to kick back and relax in office until the next student crisis or class-time (whichever comes first). The yoga is a part of my great plan to recapture my beach appearance for this summer! What with all the travelling I intend to do (Florida, Jamaica, Spain) I have to be shocking out iya! I won't post about the details here, but the recipe for my "best body ever" does include pumping iron four days per week, a little yoga, some aerobics, a touch of pilates, and a healthy serving of Latin dancing. Where the hell am I going to find the time and/or energy to do all this is anybody's guess...but I'm definately gonna try, because I do wanna look sexy for Spain! Of course, I'll have to get the diet in check. Fortunately I've been trying to work on this aspect for a few weeks now, so it's almost dialled in!

Anyhow, I have to run off for a while, but I'll post more tomorrow, promise!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Shaved Arms, Nice Students, and Peace

"Shaved Arms, Nice Students, and Peace" what a title for my second post for the year 2006! I've been meaning to write something, but I've been a little bit busy trying to take care of pre-work business. You know the usual: checking and adjusting my advisees schedules, building syllabi, making initial lecture preparations, and so on. It's been a long time since I've been so relaxed at work to the extent where I can say T-G-I-F and mean it! Here's hoping that I can stay on top of everything this semester, but if not, you will probably be hearing about it.

Christmas in Jamaica was simply wonderful! Nevermind that my family is geographically distributed and can't/won't make the effort to spend Christmas together, nor that my Dad had to change plans on me at the very last minute for Christmas dinner. My friends, particularly my best friend Diego, stepped up to ensure that I was not without food nor family for that special day! Of course, what's a holiday without some amount of trials and frustration? I picked up a flu bug in my last week and had to be confined to bed for a few days (I still have this damn cough though!) plus a few problems here and there with my visa, but nothing major.

Of course, I saw Dr. D. (Di gyal dem Cherry Tree) a few times, though we didn't have many opportunities to hang out outside of my spot, he still represented. It was also great seeing Princess P as well (though I believe that her and Diego are the reasons for my illness!).

Anyhow, after the vacation, I am at peace with myself and, God willing, this peace should last for quite some time. I reconnected with quite a few old friends, and many of them served to help me to remember the person whom I used to be and whom I once loved. It's been a long time since my confidence was this high and I'm definately falling in love with myself all over again. Thank God for good friends, excellent fatherly advice, and a really cool younger brother!

My students this semester, so far, seem to be wonderful! I'm happy because I don't have as much stress with all my classes running back to back and I have time to focus and prepare things a lot more carefully. As for the shaved arms, I've recently determined that I shouldn't be left unattended for extended periods as I'm likely to do foolish things. Last night I went to the restroom and, as I was there, I noticed that I'd left my electric shaver plugged in. I picked it up and began to play with it, when an idea suddenly popped into my head: "what happens if I run this across my forearm?" Well, it felt really good, so I decided that I should do it again and again. Eventually, I kept doing it until there was no hair on my left arm and I realized how ridiculous (not to mention how skinny) my forearms looked if I didn't shave the other one.

Of course, I wouldn't just let it go at that, no my friends, I decided that I wanted to have silky smooth arms too, not the rough texture that the shaver left me with. And so, I stepped into the shower, razor blade in one hand and shaving cream in the other and proceeded to shave the residual hairs from my forearms. The result, completely smooth forearms. God do I feel metro(sexual) today.

Have a great weekend y'all and be safe!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Sick

Hi y'all,

You know that flu that's going around in Jamaica? Well, I fell victim to it yesterday, so now I'm officially on the SICK LIST. Noooo!!!! Fortunately for me, my immune system has been working overtime and I don't feel too bad today. Still not 100% able to go out and do stuff, but nonetheless I feel much better!

I've been detained in Jamaica for another week due to some visa issues, not a problem still, just need some additional paperwork from the office and I should (hopefully) be on my way come this Friday (the 13th). Not complaining still, any opportunity to stay away from the dreaded winter cold is a wonderful thing!

Anyhow, laptop battery low, so I need to cut this short!


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

Christmas seemed to have blended into New Years without too much fanfare for me this year. It was a good time still and all my friends once again demonstrated how much they truly care about me. Thank you all for being here for me! To my fellow bloggers, Happy New Year and warmest wishes for a happy, prosperous, and safe 2006!