Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday Morning Week 4

Good Morning all, here's hoping that everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend! Sorry I've seemed to be quite lax when it's come to updating my blog and reading your blogs. To be truthful, I do read your blogs, but sometimes I'm just too busy to drop a comment--so, please forgive me and I promise to be more vocal on your sites this week.

Not much to report this week, except that the weekend was interesting. Had a bit of fun on Friday when Pebbles and I joined our friends Bruceton and Jalee for dinner at a little restaurant called Uno's. A pan pizza was the order of the evening and it was all good and greasy (must start the gym this week!). Saturday, we went to dinner at my fellow professor's home. Much fun was had, as well as much talk about the school structure to be sure. Didn't get back home 'till close to 11pm (after arriving at dinner at around 5:00pm) and we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some beauty products (i.e. soap) and a movie (since we have a DVD player but rarely use it). The movie of choice was 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock. Really cute movie, with lots of good drama and a star-studded cast that you love and hate all at once. Not a love story, just a story about addiction and the struggles people go through to beat it. Also saw The Tic Code with Gregory Hines. A really good movie about a young Jazz pianist and his battle with social acceptance in the face of Tourette's syndrome. Excellent drama, beautiful, elegant, and fluid.

Well, that's my weekend report (as y'all can tell, I don't have much to write today!). Anyhow, see y'all later and have a great day!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Dum Du Du Dum Dum Dumb!

G'morning all. I'm sort of in a rush to get to the shower so I can make it in to work this morning, but I thought I'd share one of my not so brilliant moments with you. Last night, I had to take Pebbles to teach her evening class [this is around 6:30pm or so] when I suddenly decided that my car was dirty and that I really really need to wash it [especially since all the salt and stuff they put on the road to melt the snow and provide traction tends to corrode the vehicle's undercarriage]. So, I drove to the automated car wash and voila! My car was nice and shiny within 5 minutes.

So, we flash forward to 8:15pm, when Pebbles calls me to pick her up. Sure, no problem, I grab my jacket, scarf, gloves, cellphone, and keys and head out the door. Wait a secound, is this my car? why doesn't the key fit in the lock? S#!+, the lock's frozen! Water from the car wash got in and froze the lock. The freezing point of water is 32 degrees F (I think), the temperature outside at the time was about 12 degrees F...therefore, it would make sense that the lock would freeze, right? Now why the hell didn't I think of that before I took the car to the car wash? Simple, because I'm dumb ;). Oh well, at least the lock on the passenger side didn't get frozen, so I can get into the car from that way...just don't be expecting me to get into my trunk anytime soon!

Anyhow, I gotta go do my thing and get outta here...educating young minds today you know!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Yesterday I spent a good portion of the afternoon pondering my life thus far. I usually don't allow myself the luxury of reflecting on the past or gazing too deeply into the future, simply because I am too focused on eeking out a meager existence for myself in the here and now. Yes, this is vintage me, living life by the second, content to let the winds of destiny take me in whichever direction they may please. Thus far, this lifestyle have yielded marginally impressive results: a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Computer Science, a good job as a college professor, and an enviable amount of work experience in a variety of areas.

Somewhere between last August and yesterday morning all that changed. I don't know whether it is because of the great responsibility of educating young minds that I've been charged with or the fact that my younger brother is just a few months away from beginning his college career or because I'm in a stable relationship or a combination of all these factors, but I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that I'm not the same wild, reckless, carefree teenager or fiercely independent early 20-something with just a little bit too much street smarts and a little bit too much to prove to the world. Nope, I guess you can say that I've mellowed out or have become more mature if you please, but the fact still remains that I've lost a lot of the "edge" that I've had in earlier days...and you know what, I'm happy.

Right now I don't feel the need to be wild and reckless, nor do I feel that I have to prove myself to the rest of the world. I was never a "rude bwoy" or a "thug", but I knew what it was like to be "hard": street smart, mentally tough, rugged. I am the product of the society that I grew up in, my familial situation in those days, and the way I used the streets as an escape from the sorrow and bitterness of a stressful childhood. I remember those days, and I am thankful for them...for they've imbued me with the confidence and the abilities to survive harsh situations, physically and mentally, that would cause the average person to fall flat on their face. My life has made me into a survivor, but now I can love and laugh and live. I no longer have to be skeptical or wary of being happy, and I can smile without feeling that I'm wearing a mask. Thank God for being there for me and blessing me with the opportunity to survive and flourish. I could've died a long time ago, but He's kept me going, and I thank Him for that.

Now I'm looking into my future. For the first time in many years I'm debt free and financially independent. I know that I have to take better care of myself in the finance department and I think I'm doing much better. I guess I finally found my niche in life and things will hopefully only go upwards from here, God willing. For the sake of my younger brother, I've vowed to work even harder at my career, since I'm committed to paying his college expenses later this year. Like my father had done before, I now do for him, and I finally see that I have to plan for my future in order to ensure the security of his future. No problem still, I've actually budgeted for that and he'll have his school fee come August or September. The only question left now is whether I'll be earning the money using my mind (i.e. teaching summer classes) or my body (i.e. working construction)'s wonderful to have choices!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Is Here

It's Sunday morning and I simply cannot believe that the weekend is almost at an end! Oh well, back to work tomorrow morning...can I tell you all how much I miss the warm sunshine in Jamaica? Especially when the weather outside is < 9 Degrees F. Oh well, here's hoping that Spring will arrive soon, bringing with her sunshine, warm weather, and an abundance of living things!

I haven't really done anything this weekend except sit around and watch TV. Didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything in this weather, so my apartment was the comfort spot for the weekend. Watched a few movies, most memorable was The Human Stain with Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman. Excellent movie, beautiful to watch, complex characters intricately woven together by a hauntingly belivable plot. Hopkins shines and Kidman once more solidifies herself in my mind as one of, if not the, best character actresses in the world. I definately recommend this movie to any of you who are captivated by the suspense-drama genre.

Anyhow, I don't intend to fill this entry with meaningless drivel, so I'm going to stop here for now. Have a great Sunday folks, enjoy your Sunday dinners, and I'll catch y'all on the flip-side of the weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bill Cosby a Sex Criminal???

I don't believe it myself folks, I simply don't! I was browsing the web tonight and came across a breaking news article about Cosby cancelling a speaking engagement in Clevland, Ohio this (Thursday) morning. Apparently, he's being accused of sexually assaulting a former female employee of Temple University. The story goes that the woman had, for some reason or another, been out with Cosby and a group of people a few years ago. It was alleged that the woman then went to Cosby's home where she proceeded to complain about work stress when Cosby gave her some pills which made her dizzy. She said that she didn't remember much of the night, but she did remember him touching her breasts and placing her hands on his genitals. Of course, the big question is why exactly would she wait for so long to report the incident? (i.e. she has now left her job and migrated to Canada). Her reply was that he was too important and influential of a person (read: bigshot who contributed lots of money to the university and the community) for her to jeaopardize those perks! Now, I not too sure I buy this story at all, especially because of the woman's justifications for keeping it hidden for so long, but it will be interesting to see how the story pans out in the end.

Oh, speaking of which, I was watching Boat Trip last night with Cuba Gooding jr and the movie was pretty "funny" if you catch my drift (I mean, how exciting can a movie with two ambiguously straight guys on a gay cruise be, right?). Anyhow, I didn't watch this movie with much high expectations, but I must say that I have found a new poison in the female actress department. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Roselyn Sanchez, the hot latin dance coordinator and Cuba's love interest in said movie:

Note: You can see this stunning Puerto Rican beauty in Rush Hour 2, Basic, and Chasing Papi. For those of you who haven't seen Boat Trip, I have to tell you that you haven't lived until you've see a beautiful Latina speak Spanish while doing "naughty things" to a banana! There, I've said it! Pebbles, please forgive me for writing this, you know I love you, but sometimes when a brother sees something on TV that holds his attention, he just has to say it!

Anyhow, I gone to bed, cause I have to wake up to brave this R.A.S.S. snow + cold + ice tomorrow morning, since I already missed a class this week!

What the flip... going on with Blogger? Haven't been able to log on for a few days and now that I can it seems as if the style-sheet is missing, so I'm stuck looking at a plain-jane page; oh well, I don't care.

Anyhow, the weather here has been pretty bad lately--lots of snow and rain and it's cold! really cold! as in less than 20 degrees F cold! as in I really wish I was in Jamaica or at the very least Florida (Sunshine, r u reading this? if so, I coming down to crash...don't worry, a couch is fine, though in the worst case floor is good too!)

I don't have much time to write a decent post today, but I have something to tell unnu: I am so sad :(. Imagine, last night I was driving (or more accurately slip-sliding) home from work and I caught sight of this lovely baby deer. I mean the deer was so pretty, with the fluffy hair and a cute little brown patch on it's neck. Well, I braked up, just in case Bambi was going to cross the road or if his/her parents and/or siblings might be nearby and try to cross the road as well. No such luck, the deer waited patiently until I had driven off before he went across.

Flash forward to this morning at around 9:30am when I'm headed in to work. Come to the same spot where I sited Bambi this morning and I see him/her on the side of the road...dead! Poor ting, look like he/she had gotten hit by a truck or something, but Bambi just wasn't Bambi anymore :( The only thing that I could see to let me know that it was him/her was the brown patch where the neck used to be.

People, I tell you, I vex I vex I vex. Now, most of you who read here regularly probably never knew me as an animal-lover. The truth be told is that I'm not really an animal lover at all and am deathly afraid of Bambi hitting my car and cleaning my clock! But, there's just something about seeing something alive and beautiful and vibrant in one moment then cold and lifeless in the next that strikes a chord deep within my neanderthalian heart. Oh well, RIP Bambi...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday Morning Shout-out

Happy Sunday to all my fellow bloggers and readers! It's around 8:18am and I just decided to drop my two cents on the web this morning. Pebbles and I spent yesterday up in Pittsburgh shopping at IKEA. We got a few knick-knacks for the house, including a very nice little shelving unit to place on our wall. IKEA is a Swedish company and they always give really exotic-sounding names to their products, so you never really know what it means. For instance, the shelving unit in question (see pic below) is called ENETRI. I have no idea what that word means, but it sounds cool still! Though it's quite possible that the word itself could mean something like "Cheap-ass good looking bookshelf that can just barely fit in the back of your compact car!" Any Swedes out there would lik to tell me what the word means?

Anyhow, not much went on last night still...we came home and assembled ENETRI, followed by me preparing a quick dinner of brown-stew pork and New Orleans style red beans and rice. Settled in to watch a few movies, saw The Core and Bulletproof Monk. The Core could watch still, pretty interesting movie about a bunch of really smart folks digging down 700++ feet into the core of the earth to launch weapons of mass destruction at said core in the hopes of "jump-starting" the planet, thereby averting world destruction. Delroy Lindo was brilliant as the loopy black professor who invented the technology to get into the core in the first place. Overall not a bad flick still. Bulletproof Monk on the other hand was utter nonsense IMHO...also quite depressing because Chow Yun Fat is perhaps one of the best looking, articule actors to ever come out of Hong Kong! Seann William Scott (Stiffler from the American Pie series) just doesn't seem to cut it as an action hero (though he was pretty good as the Rock's sidekick in The Rundown) and it just doesn't make sense. Anyhow, after a vibrant fun-filled sushi of nonsensical scenes tied together by a moronic plot, the movie climaxes with a beautiful shot of the lovely Jaime King's tattooed midsection. Thank God I ended up with some stomach bug that prevented me from seeing the movie in the theaters when I had originally planned to a while back!

Oh yes, a word of note to my Jamaican readers. Highway 2000 rules! Driving on the Interstate yesterday toward Pittsburgh, we spent the bulk of our time in the car bouncing around and dodging potholes, dead deer, and a huge metal thing in the middle of the road. Highway 2000 is so much cleaner and smoother that I have to say once again that I was much impressed by it and can't wait to drive it again this coming summer and I'll be more than happy to give them my $130 toll to make it to May Pen in 30-minutes! It would be sweet if they could get it finished for Mobay still, cause that would mean we could get there faster!

Anyhow, me gone go eat some breakfast! So likkle more! Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Letter to Jamaican Criminals

Dear Mr. Gunman, Thief, Murderer, Rapist, Druggist:

Please stop frigging up our country! The year has just begun and there have already been more than 60 murders, which averages out to about 4 murders per day. I remember when Jamaica was actually a peacefuly place and we didn't live in constant fear of our lives. Why the rass do you have to bring this violence and sorrow to our doorsteps? Now, I understand that if you're going to rob someone, you're going to rob someone...after all, some grey-haired social workers once said that crime and deviance were a necessary component of a healthy society; however, why the rass you have to murder them too? Is it not enough that you strip us of our happiness and our hard-earned possession, you have to go ahead and strip us of our lives as well? Think about it: how many people would remember your faces if they had to anyway? come on man, are you killing victims to protect yourselves, or are you simply murdering because you find it amusing to ruin the lives of scores of Jamaican citizens?

Look at Dr. Ken Nanton, young young Doctor come all the way from St. Vincent to try and make a difference in the Accident and Emergency unit of our little island hospital. Should we be so aptly blessed by such a young, gifted physician? I think not! Why is it that after a young man works so hard to become a success in a profession, he has to have it all taken away from him in the flash of a gun barrel? Not even 30 years old you bastards! Did he not do enough to fix your friends and cohorts so they could go back on the streets to do their robbing, killing, and other dirty deeds? Fuck you all!

To those of you responsible for this murder, remember that your time is running out and your day of reckoning is coming soon. I hope that when you're lying in a gutter with a bullet in your stomach, or locked away in the trunk of a police car bleeding to death, or lying in the A & E area waiting to die because Dr. Nanton isn't there to tend to you that you will remember the evil deeds you've done and realize how much hurt you've caused in this world. In short, I wish you all a slow, painful rassclaat death that is ten times more painful than anything you've done to anyone in your lives!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Those Crazy Brits!

Top o' the morning to y'all. I apologize for not updating my blog much this week, but since I've gotten back, it's been quite a struggle to get myself back into "professor mode" after spending nearly three weeks in "carefree party-boy mode!" Speaking of carefree party boy, have you all caught the latest shocker out of Britain regarding Prince Harry? Imagine, the moron actually went to a fancy dress-up party donning a Nazi military costume (with swastika and all!). Of course, the Jews are pissed, especially since the holocaust commemoration day is just a few days away. Anyhow, the little bastard apologized (via a spokesperson) and it seems to have satiated the Jewish community a bit, though there are still many calls for him to make a public apology in person. You can read the article by clicking here.

I was watching CNN yesterday morning and a news article about Indonesia and the US caught my fancy. It seems as if the Inodonesian government wants the US troops that have been deployed to help them recover from the devastation brought about by the tsunami to leave the country as soon as possible. Now, I suppose that looking at it from one perspective, it could be argued that Indonesia is simply an ungrateful nation! However, it is important to note that they are a predominately Muslim nation, and their reaction is simply a result of the fear that the Muslim world has for the the extent that they would actually reject help because of a fear of occupation! Now, this is one issue that I have no perspective on, who's wrong and who's right, is anybody wrong? What do you all out in blogland think?

Now, a special note to my friends Scratchie and Mad Bull and other car enthusiasts out there: have you all seen the newly-redesigned 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse? 3.8-litre Mivec V6 engine producing roughly 260 hp and 260 lb/ft of torque! Supposed to be a really nice ride still, but I'm still not sure if I love the exterior lines too much...though the gauge cluster that looks like one found on motorcycles is really cool still. You can check out the Mitsubishi official site here.

Anyhow, I have to run off and do some more class preps, so I'll talk to you all later! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Friday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Back to work!

Well, the last tequila shot has been drunk; the last new years chant has come to an end; the last glass of sorrel is sitting next to me, right beside the last piece of christmas cake. Yes, it is the end of the holiday season and time to get back to some serious work! The time in Jamaica was really well-spent, and I must say that I had a nice opportunity to lime with a wonderful set of folks on many occasions this season, therefore I am well satiated in that department. In addition, the fact that I was able to strengthen old bonds of family and friendship and forge new ones is a welcome bonus to a vacation well spent.

So, work begins once again, and I am quite happy to say that I'm really excited about the prospect of a brand new semester with a whole new set of students and an opportunity to impart my knowledge into their minds and have the process reciprocated. Yes, the only major dilemma this year will be driving back and forth in the winter, but as is noted in my syllabi, if the roads are too bad to drive, mi nah go a rass! Pebbles is still suffering from a cold or a flu, but she has to go to work anyway; poor thing. The most I can do is hope that I don't contract the virus and make all efforts to care for my ailing sweetheart.

Anyhow, don't really have too much to blog about tonight, so I'll leave you with a little note as to how my trip went. First of all, I made it to the airport really late, simply because I was too dumb to read the correct portion of my travel itinerary and I actually thought my flight was leaving at 4:26 pm, as opposed to 3:45 pm!! So, here I come strolling in to the airport at around 2:35 pm, after driving around all day with my brother trying to get his applications in for the university, followed by a few idle stops here and there. Now, do you know that arriving late for a flight has several advantages? for one, the people who were co-ordinating the lines for American Airlines actually made the folks who were headed to Florida cut in front of the other passengers who were headed to New York on a later flight--never seen that happen in my life!

Made it through the 2 million security checkpoints just in time to get to the boarding gate. Fortunately they were boarding by group numbers and I was in group number 1, so I was one of the first people on the flight (see what you get for being nice to the clerk). This is the first time that I can ever remember leaving Norman Manley Int'l Airport on-time! Spent the flight hunkered into a corner next to the window watching the Junior Water Polo team carry on with their antics on the flight. I was sitting next to the manager lady for the team and how my heart wept to see said woman filling out immigration forms for 40+ kids!

Touched down in Florida with well over 2 hours to spare before the next leg of my trip to Pittsburgh. Customs wasn't too hard either; had a nice little Latina mamacita with a really big glock on her waist process me and get me to fill out a new immigration form (since I'd written my old admission number into it). They did the biometric thing to me (i.e. thumbprints and photo) and I'm alive, so I guess it went well--though Uncle Sam now has me in his crosshairs.

Once I got through customs, I walked down to immigration. People, I have to tell you all that Miami Int'l isn't the most efficient airports when it comes to getting around! In fact, it was a good 15 minute walk to get to customs, followed by another brisk 10 minute walk to get to immigration! Anyhow, I won't complain too much, since I was about the 4th person to get his luggage...yet another perk of arriving late for your flight!

Made it to Pittsburgh in a little bit over 2 hours, so I was well content with mineself. Pebbles had already arrived and we had been in regular cellphone contact, so we knew each other's moves. Our friends had arrived from long before to pick us up, so I knew that the journey was a cakewalk after that! Would you believe that I was the 4th person to get my luggage once again!! (Note to self: arrive late for flights more often!). The only dilemma was that Pebbles' luggage had been delayed in Chicago, so that pretty much meant sitting around for an extra hour or so.

Well, the rest is history, now it's time to be back at work and productive...but I tell you all something, as soon as summer rolls around again, I gone to Jamaica! Anyone else out in blogland planning to make it down? We can link up and have a fun time y'know!

Thursday, January 06, 2005


...we was young, and we was dumb but we had heart,
and in the dark would we survive through the bad parts?
--Tupac/Biggie "Runnin"

Just got back in from liming with a couple of my friends, including Scratchie and Dr. D. at Cuddy'z. Trust me, the place was pretty nice still. Had a very interesting waitress, and the conversation was excellent! Much laughter and liquor to be had (note, I only had Smirnoff Ice, and in my book 5.5% is just soda, so I haven't broken my resolution!).

Anyhow, got back home, talked to my dawg Rocky. Much business ideas running through our minds, so this must be pursued in much depth later on in the month, but that's another story.

Decided to invade the office and listen to a few tracks on Launch and came across the jam named Runnin' with 2Pac and Biggie. Anyhow, listening to the lyrics and began to think about the peeps I used to roll with back in the day. I wouldn't say I was a thug or a rude bwoy still, but some of them were some bad a$$ nig*s for real. People used to think that I'd never make it to 20--sorry to disappoint y'all, but I'm still here!

So, I'm thinking about people and times passed, but a couple of them stick out in my mind. Used to roll with a dawg named Mario who was the definition of "ruffneck". Seen this cat beat down more than his fair share of punks back in the day; no mercy, no fear, no conscience...that was Mario. His trademark was an 8" long scar across his neck, a present he'd gotten when he was in primary school. Saw him a couple years ago, all cleaned up and respectable, working as a teacher at some school. He'd somehow managed to get his act together and found God. Good for him, except that the sins of the past sometimes come back to collect their due when you least expect it. A gunshot wound to the chest and head in front of your woman and kid, that ain't no way for a thug to go out.

Remember one night when I was rolling thru New Kingston with some cats from Barbican that my boy Val and I had linked up with one Saturday night. Buses were on strike because someone had stabbed a conducter earlier that night and the only way for me and Val to get home was to walk. Turns out that I run into my dawg Booker from high school and he tells me that he and his boys were headed to Liguanea by way of New Kingston...didn't have anything to do still, so we said aight and went. Somewhere at Stanton Terrace we ran into a bunch of hos (prostitutes) and one of the cats in the crew decided to josh her, but when she told him about his mother, he got pissed and threw an empty beer which had been lying on the ground. The bottle hit the pavement and shattered, cutting her legs in the process.

In a flash, we heard safetys being released from guns and about 6 dudes jumped out of the nearby bushes with mad heat! So me and Val split, thank God a taxi was just coming around the corner when we came out. He was drunk as shit, but better get driven home by a drunk than get a cap busted in your ass. Yeah, me and Val had some adventures yo. He died about two or three years ago from an aneurism.

A couple years after graduating from JC, my boys and I decided to go to the Stadium for Boys Champs. On the way to the ticket booth, we ran into some punk-ass scalper that was trying to sell us some fake tickets. He got pissed because we walked right by him and lay down a few insults. My boys all ignored him, but I took it personal and went back to beat him down. My boys saved him from me beating the shit out of him. We got in to the stadium and headed toward the section designated for JC. Didn't know that this bitch had followed me in to the stadium and was about to stab me in the kidney, had it not been for my old schoolmate Isiah pulling his gun when he did, I wouldn't have been here typing this monologue today. Isiah had left school a year eariler because he needed to sell narcs, but he enjoyed things like Boys Champs and the high school vibe, so he still did his thing. Don't know what happened to him, whether his alive or dead, but I owe him still.

My family all realized that I was runnin' wild in JA and something needed to be done to curb my lifestyle, so my Dad was pretty happy to get me off the rock so that I could stand a fighting chance. The day before I left for Jamaica to go to the US to study, I was on a #27 bus headed to New Kingston from Mountain View and a little voice in the back of my head told me to stand at the front of the bus, even though the vehicle was practically empty. There were two suspicious cats roaming around the bus and moving from seat to seat. Suddenly, I heard someone scream out "thief!" and I realized why they were moving from seat to seat. They were busy walking down the line jacking people.

I turned around suddenly and saw the two cats running down the bus aisle with their knives out and pointed in my direction, so I jump off the moving bus, since I really wasn't about to get stabbed a day before I left home! Anyhow, I survived again, thank God.

Looking back, I'm really glad that I survived this long and got this far in my life, God really has a purpose for me after all. In a way, I'm glad to have had these experiences because they've helped to ground me and see the dark side of the human experience. These things made an upper-middle class boy from St. Andrew understand and appreciate people from all walks of life and be able to relate to the reality of their world on their level. Perhaps that's all the world needs, understanding between everyone.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Man, I just got an e-mail from my boss advising me that faculty reports back to work on January 11th (next week Tuesday) at 10am sharp. Well, farewell late night limes with the friends. Farewell Quad. Farewell t-shirt and jeans. Farewell to leisurly morning wakeups. Hello to bed at 10pm. Hello to social decapitation. Hello to dress shirts and khakis. Hello to waking up before sunrise.

Oh well, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end still. So, is life, time to move on. Anyhow, after a discussion with a few friends last night and this morning, I've decided to change a few more things for 2005. Firstly, this dog is not going to run no more interferance for his teammates (i.e. bredrins) and will instead focus on his own game. Not that I don't business about my friends, is just that sometimes you sometimes tend to get type-casted in a less than favorable light, which nuh really nice a rass.

Secondly, unnu not getting no more elegant romance stories from high school days. No sah, dem days for romance done. As a matter of fact, I shall make sure this year that I shall bring back the old dog wid a vengeance! It will be nice to bring back the good old hardcore, don't take shit from nobody, kick you in the face, bite you in the jugular, upper-middle class street soldier that everyone came to know and love/hate/fraid of.

Anyhow, enuff rambling still, I gone go eat my Wheaties and take a testosterone injection.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year

2005 is finally upon us, bringing with it the hope for success and happiness. Over the years, I've made it a point of duty to sit down and analyze the year past and compare it to the previous year. The idea is that if I realize that my life is the same or worse than the previous year, then it means that I am stagnating or degenerating and I need to do some major shaking up! If my life looks better than the previous year, then it's simply an indicator that I need to continue along the same path, improving as I go along. This year was special to me for many reasons, which include:

  • Moving in with Pebbles and realizing that it was the best thing that we could've ever done

  • Meeting a great bunch of people online and sharing our thoughts in an open community filled with mutual respect and much humor

  • Completing my Masters degree and getting a job as a college professor, which I always wanted to do!

  • Having my first Thanksgiving dinner with Pebbles and still being able to walk the next day

Some of the things I am a little bit less proud of, included:

  • Putting on several extra pounds

  • Becoming a little bit too friendly with the rum bottle

  • Not going to church as often as I should

Anyhow, I have to tell you folks that this time in Jamaica is perhaps the most meaningful that I've ever had over the past few years. See, my grandmother was my life here, but when she died about 16 months ago, I felt as if my life here had come to an end. So, of course I was bummed out for the first few days, but then a series of events happened that sort of changed my perspective and made me realize that my life here was just beginning!

Firstly, my friends Rocky, Mona, Kelly, Strainer, and Philomena called me every day and took me places and showed me a great time. More importantly, they showed me that they cared deeply for me, and really and truly wanted to be my friends! Thank you guys, love y'all! My next epiphany came about when I went down to spend Christmas day with my dad's in-laws, and they all turned out to be really nice people. I suppose I'd misread their actions in the past, so my opinion of them had been less than favourable in the past. Oh well, time to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Next, I went to spend some time in May Pen with my aunt and uncle and hung out with my cousins Janet and Andy. We had a great time and it turns out that Janet considers me to be her favorite cousin! How great of a feeling is that? I've never been anyone's favorite before (or at least, no one has ever told me that!). On top of that, my baby sister Janice-ann remembers me perfectly, even though I haven't been home for almost a year and a half! She talks to me on the phone, she wants me to hold her, play with her, and do all the brotherly things that I've been longing to do.

Aside from that, my younger brother Chris is getting ready to go to UWI or UTech and I've been sitting in the role of career advisor for him. My other brother, John, is actually doing pretty well in high school and I'm proud of him as well! I'm bursting with much emotion here, so please bear with me if it sounds like I'm rambling like a mad man! I'm just really happy to feel that I'm finally coming into my own with respect to my relationships with my family and friends and it's a great feeling not feeling like an outsider anymore.

Oh yes, to top off the holdiay, I met with Yamfoot, Princess P, and Dr. D. Trust me folks they are three of the most awesome people that one could ever hope to meet and I am proud to call them friends! Make sure that when y'all in Jamaica be sure to link up with these folks! Dem Irie fi true!

Anyhow, I have to run off to go play with my cousin, so I will talk to y'all soon. Yes, I'm still in Jamaica, won't be going back to the cold until the 7th!

P.S. In keeping with my New Year's resolution of being a dog of distinction, I shall refrain from using my trademark {arf,arf} signature! After all, dogs of distinction are above barking, nuh true?