Happy New Year

2005 is finally upon us, bringing with it the hope for success and happiness. Over the years, I've made it a point of duty to sit down and analyze the year past and compare it to the previous year. The idea is that if I realize that my life is the same or worse than the previous year, then it means that I am stagnating or degenerating and I need to do some major shaking up! If my life looks better than the previous year, then it's simply an indicator that I need to continue along the same path, improving as I go along. This year was special to me for many reasons, which include:

  • Moving in with Pebbles and realizing that it was the best thing that we could've ever done

  • Meeting a great bunch of people online and sharing our thoughts in an open community filled with mutual respect and much humor

  • Completing my Masters degree and getting a job as a college professor, which I always wanted to do!

  • Having my first Thanksgiving dinner with Pebbles and still being able to walk the next day

Some of the things I am a little bit less proud of, included:

  • Putting on several extra pounds

  • Becoming a little bit too friendly with the rum bottle

  • Not going to church as often as I should

Anyhow, I have to tell you folks that this time in Jamaica is perhaps the most meaningful that I've ever had over the past few years. See, my grandmother was my life here, but when she died about 16 months ago, I felt as if my life here had come to an end. So, of course I was bummed out for the first few days, but then a series of events happened that sort of changed my perspective and made me realize that my life here was just beginning!

Firstly, my friends Rocky, Mona, Kelly, Strainer, and Philomena called me every day and took me places and showed me a great time. More importantly, they showed me that they cared deeply for me, and really and truly wanted to be my friends! Thank you guys, love y'all! My next epiphany came about when I went down to spend Christmas day with my dad's in-laws, and they all turned out to be really nice people. I suppose I'd misread their actions in the past, so my opinion of them had been less than favourable in the past. Oh well, time to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Next, I went to spend some time in May Pen with my aunt and uncle and hung out with my cousins Janet and Andy. We had a great time and it turns out that Janet considers me to be her favorite cousin! How great of a feeling is that? I've never been anyone's favorite before (or at least, no one has ever told me that!). On top of that, my baby sister Janice-ann remembers me perfectly, even though I haven't been home for almost a year and a half! She talks to me on the phone, she wants me to hold her, play with her, and do all the brotherly things that I've been longing to do.

Aside from that, my younger brother Chris is getting ready to go to UWI or UTech and I've been sitting in the role of career advisor for him. My other brother, John, is actually doing pretty well in high school and I'm proud of him as well! I'm bursting with much emotion here, so please bear with me if it sounds like I'm rambling like a mad man! I'm just really happy to feel that I'm finally coming into my own with respect to my relationships with my family and friends and it's a great feeling not feeling like an outsider anymore.

Oh yes, to top off the holdiay, I met with Yamfoot, Princess P, and Dr. D. Trust me folks they are three of the most awesome people that one could ever hope to meet and I am proud to call them friends! Make sure that when y'all in Jamaica be sure to link up with these folks! Dem Irie fi true!

Anyhow, I have to run off to go play with my cousin, so I will talk to y'all soon. Yes, I'm still in Jamaica, won't be going back to the cold until the 7th!

P.S. In keeping with my New Year's resolution of being a dog of distinction, I shall refrain from using my trademark {arf,arf} signature! After all, dogs of distinction are above barking, nuh true?


Abeni said…
Great hearing that your fears about family did not bear fruit!Happy new Year
Desiree said…
It does seem that you are moving forward and upward in life and relationships, fantastic. Glad to hear that your trip to Jamaica is turning out so well and the relationships are deeper and more meaningful with those around you there than you anticipated.

A favorite cousin - :) that's generates a warm smile.

Well, do enjoy the remains of your vacation... and most definitely the rest of the year too!
Jdid said…
Happy new year. Well seems like you have made some great accomplishments in the 04. Keep it up in the 05.
Melody said…
Nice holiday! BTW, Dogs ov Distinction bark, them just bark stoosh. :-)
Anonymous said…
Well, this is being said from the heart.

Though we been chatting on line for a while now, meeting you has cemented the bredrinship. Feel like I know you since long time. Though you are a bit younger than I am, I can safely say that I have another bredrin. You're as cool a mutt as I had expected! ;-)

With regards to your analysis of the year, I didn't rate '04 for myself as great....though I suppose it could have been worse. I have set a few goals for 2005, they are by no means farfetched. I hope I can attain them.

Work on those relationships rude yute, when all else fails, family and friends are really the only folks we can count on to be there for us in good times and bad (in addition to God of course!)

I can tell you, it going feel sorta awkard linking you on line again when you return to the chill (sorry to remind you) having gotten accustomed to face to face and phone calls! Dr. D.
Sunshine said…
Hi Angry Dog-great to hear from you and your great vacation in Ja! I'm glad to "discovered" your family and things turned out so much better than you had expected. Continue to have a great time off and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Stu said…
Enjoy the rest of the vacation Dog.
Scratchie said…
AD, I will definitely try to link with you before you leave.
BTW Dogs of distinction do bark. Dem jus bark different. Kinda like a woof, woof instead of arf arf :)
Have a really great and fruitful 2005.
Anonymous said…
you compare 2003 to 2004? how do you remember all that stuff - I mean pre-blog years. are you good at calculus?
Yamfoot said…
i can feel the tears dripping out of my computer as I read this.

having gone away and lived myself, i found that people here are more happy to see you, cause they appreciate you more when you leave. Just like when you leave a job. Sort of.

divorce the rum and that will help the pounds. (but of course, I am in no posistion to give anybody advice init!!)
Jean said…
Hey there! I've seen you post on Stu's site often and as he said, it's time for me to get out and meet other people int he community. So, my first attempt to branch out was linking to you and low and behold, what a beautiful sentiment. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your successful year.
Anonymous said…
Wow!!! Sounds like someone is enjoying life!!! I'm so happy to hear that you are still in paradise and having the time of your life. All the best to you for 2005!!! Maggie