Covington, KY and Snow Pictures

So my job took me to Covington, Kentucky last week for the annual SIGCSE (Special Interest Group Computer Science Education) conference sponsored by the ACM. Overall, the conference was pretty good! Everything was well-organized, my room at the Holiday Inn was top-notch, and a good time was had overall. I traveled down to Kentucky with my co-worker and his family, and I believe that we bonded a little bit more--six hours in a car will do that to you, I guess! For me, the highlight of the entire conference was touring the little city of Covington, which is just about five minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. It struck me as a once thriving town that fell into disarray and is now seeing new growth as a center for conferences and other events. And with at least one hotel on nearly every block, plus a conference center (where the conference was held), it's no wonder that this little town is a popular attraction for conference goers!

We left for the conference on Wednesday morning, but we almost didn't make it due to the massive amount of snow that was dumped upon the state. Readers, I tell you, I'm sick of this snow thing! Since I returned from Spain, I've seen snow practically every single day! Thank God I invested in snow tires, otherwise I'm sure I would've had an accident. By the way, a word of advice to all the Subaru and other 4-wheel drive vehicle owners out there: Just because your vehicle has all these wonderful features does not mean you are able to drive on snow and ice as if it where dry pavement! Lord knows how many accidents I've seen in the past few weeks, many of which were Subarus and other models of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

As I final addition to this post, I figured I'd leave you all with a few images of the horrible snow that we've been seeing the last few weeks. The first two images show the roads as I was driving to work somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00am a few weeks ago. Notice the snow on the ground. Now imagine that much of this snow sits on top of a layer of ice, resulting in vehicle skids on multiple occasions. Now imagine that on the morning that we left for the conference the snow was even a matter of fact, we got over six or more inches in one day! The final picture show some poor kid who was driving a little too fast with tires that were a little too worn for the snow and ice on the road. Fortunately, no one was hurt or killed; however, this is only one of three or four accidents I had seen that day. Until the next post, stay warm and drive safe!


Dr. D. said…
Dats some effed up weather my yute. Gimme de heat and mi Accord AC any day over dat rass! And like you said, drive safe.
Ri said…
Stay warm dawg.
Jdid said…
thank god spring is finally here
Yamfoot said…
welcome back.
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