Alright, I doan have to much fi seh dis mawning except TGIF to Rahtid! Gonna go home in a while, have some ribs, then go watch Batman, 'cause I hear that it wicked wicked wicked and I really don't want to watch no Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants I mean c'mon even an ol' dog like me have to have limits! Right guys? (NB: Ladies, especially Pebbles, if you're reading this, know full well that I am going to end up going to see the movie and write about it on this same blog!).

In response to the MJ post:

@Abeni, I glad you like the advice...hope he'll use it!

@Dr. D., you dun know that you are the bomb-diggidiest skin doctor in JA, but I still believe that Michael need to hol' a tan AND pump two iron.

@7, glad to know that you got a laugh out of it...btw, which part be you and Midas? was there a few weeks ago and plan to go back again soon!

@Sunshine, don't fret it, I'll mek sure he gets all the counselling he needs (for a hefty sum)...yeah, yeah, yeah, the media says he's bankrupt, but he's Michael Jackson and he definately can find at least a million or two tucked away under the mattress in Neverland.

@JDid, sometimes a man just have to do what a man have to do when the chips are down!

@Scratchie, the reason for me suggessting that he come to Jamaica is because I believe that he could be the much needed impetus our tourism industry needs!

@CoolDestiny, Twin of Twins is CD # 6 in my car's CD changer...have they come out with a new one yet?

Anyhow, as you can well and see, I have nothing of significance to post EXCEPT:
I was reading Yahoo! News earlier and came across a story about Mahatma Ghandi's family involved in some legal battle with an Australian fast-food firm called Handi Ghandi "Great Curries...No Worries..." It turns out that they (Handi Ghandi) are using Ghandi's name and likeness to sell various vegetarian and meat curries, including beef which is considered to be sacred!

I mean come on now people, the man was a symbol of peace and a vegetarian for crying out loud! Why would you want to take someone as extraordinary as Ghandi and use him to sell curry to RASS!!! Imagine what it would be like to go to somewhere like Island Grille and see them selling a Black Star Liner Burger or a Marcus Garvey Meal Deal? Then again, these names don't actually sound too bad at all, hmmm... So you see my point? It just isn't right to defile people who'se lives have meant so much IMHO.

It's like in that movie EuroTrip, where they made fun of the pope and the different symbols associated with his dying and even going as far as having a sex scene in the confessional...I'm not Catholic, but I still find it tasteless and insensitive. Or what about the movie Scary Movie 3? where they had a scene with Ja Rule shooting a picture of Mother Teresa (this was after she died by the way). Where is the respect?

Anyhow, my intention is really not to rant on such a lovely Friday afternoon, so mek I stop here now. Have a great weekend y'all and don't forget to feed the comment box!


Scratchie said…
The Black Star Liner Burger sounds like a good bet. I feel you on this one though, fun and joke aside there are things that should be left alone.
Abeni said…
Some things are "sacred".I hear you on that one.Go see sisterhood of the travelling pants,nuh.I need a review
Anonymous said…
Here feeding the dawg comment betta nyam turn cormeal with chicken Pedigree or Iams fe you! ;-)

True words still....there is just no respect for people or situations anymore. Have fun enduring the chick flick....some spirit of the liquid type may help! (I never gave you the advice though!) Dr. D.
-E said…
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is actually a cute movie.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them. You're a good man.
Fyr said…
Respect for others and their lives, beliefs and needs is something I have always said we humans fundamentally lack. And everyday I come across new fodder for this theory... bwoy - it sad sah.
Sunshine said…
Hi Angry Dog- Late again posting. It's Monday morning. I agree with you how irreverent (spelling)people can be. I guess the Australians thought they were being witty.
Jdid said…
the ghandi thing is pretty sad, shows no respect for the man