Dogus Maximus

OK, the weather here has finally warmed up, hooray!!! Unfortunately, it wasn't a gradual sort of warm up, it was more like "Boom, here's some hot weather on yo ass!" So, my body is revolting violently from the rapid 20 degree change in temperature and I feel yucky and sluggish.

I'm headed off to Tennessee on Wednesday for a 5-day conference, which promises to be a lot more interesting than it sounds. Oh well, it'll be a good opportunity to network with faculty from other colleges and spend some time seeing the sights to be seen around Knoxville. I'll try to remember to take pictures :D.

Where in the world did CoolDestiny's blog disappear to? I logged on this morning to check her out and whoops, no blog! Hey CD, if you're reading this, I hope all is well with your blog and you're not planning to retire now!!! You have a fan in me for life yow!

OK, now you might be wondering about the title of this post, right? Well, yesterday afternoon, Pebbles and I went outside to toss a frisbee around on the grass. 15 minutes later, two of our friends drove by and invited us to go for a walk at a nearby state forest. Admittedly, I'm not a nature person, but sometimes you have to take time out to enjoy the natural things in life (like two chipmunks humping on a big old rock). Anyhow, we got home and I was quite tired, plus the damn migraines were acting up again. So, I went to take a little lie down, and fell asleep.

Anyhow, I dreamt that I was a gladiator (fancy helmet, short skirt, and sword) fighting in the Roman arenas of days of old. There were lions and tigers and other gladiators too, like Mad Bull, Scratchie, and Owen. Owen, Mad Bull, and Scratchie as gladiators??? what the hell! Then to make matters worse, guess who was Ceaser nuh? Nuh the one Dr D.! So of course, we fighting the hell out of the lion with the head that look like Tupac (ewww, scary) and each other. There was music in the background too...Elephant Man was singing, along with Fras Krew and TOK. Eventually, we killed the Tupac lion and took a break for tea shortly after...don't know what was happening there, but thank God I woke up! No telling where the dream would've taken me!

Any of you dream interpreters there want to put a meaning to this one?


Mad Bull said…
Dr. D as Caesar? Whatever you ate, doh eat it no more! :-\ ;-)
Desiree said…
I am not a dream interpreter, but do want to say that your dream seems very vivid and imaginative- must have been somewhat fun?!
CoolDestiny said…
I believe you have a secret desire to live in Medieval times. The sport of the fight inspires you. Did you watch Gladiator or any such movie before going to bed? I 2nd Dr. D's suggestion ... no more late eating before going to bed.

On another note, I'm glad to know that I was missed. I quickly started the blog again not wanting people to think that I just fell off the face of the earth. I feel so special! Glad to know I have blog-fans!!
CoolDestiny said…
Forgot to mention ... don't know what you look like but I find gladiator type men quite sexy, manly, husky!
Jdid said…
lol, at least you didnt have dreams with chewbacca like i did on the weekend lol
Anonymous said…
Interesting! Did the Princess feature in the dream? Jus curious? Dr. D.