Columbus, Here I Come!

It's finally here! Thanksgiving break! No more teaching for the next 10 days! Can you not feel the excitement being broadcast from my fingertips to this electronic thing we call a blog? We're headed up to Columbus, Ohio for the weekend to visit an old friend. My ulterior motive for making this three hour pilgrimage is that I want to stand on the same ground that the Reggae Boyz made their last stand against the USA in their futile quest to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. A quest which, alas, ended in defeat...don't worry fellows there is always 2010 so here's hoping that we'll be more able to join the rest of the world in this the most prestigious football competition. Until then, I shall go to Columbus and cuss two claat, drink some beer, eat some food, and feel irie!

Speaking of food, while I am in Columbus, I must make sure to visit my favorite eating spot in the US called BD's Mongolian Barbecue. The unique thing about this restaurant is that all the food is raw!!! Yes iya, you walk around and pick up your raw meat (beef, chicken, pork, seafood, you name it!), vegetables and salads, and herbs and spices. Once you decide on the food you want to eat and choose the appropriate seasonings, you take it to the chefs who make it into a stir-fry on a huge, circular grill. Voila! Voici! Your own stir-fry, complete with tortillas! Vegetarians beware!

Above is a picture of what the grills look like at the restaurant. Hey Dr. D. as a lover of "Chiney" food, shall I bring you back a plate of stir-fry from BD's? Speaking of which, I think I might just try a franchise in Jamaica...on second thought, remember when Wendy's tried that all you can eat salad bar? Us Jamaicans never made fun to nyam [eat] it out business in short order. I don't think our economy is quite ready for the all-you-can-eat lifestyle [i.e. unnu too damn greedy!].

Listen, unnu can gwaan idle and read my post if unnu want, but Pebbles is in the kitchen cooking up some paella for dinner, so I going to take my leave of this blog. Don't worry, like the good doctor has done on his blog as well, I shall do my very best to attempt to find a few nice shots of the Columbus cityline with the Kodak. Anyhow, mi nah tarry tonight a blow wow, unnu have fun, and drop a little comment in my box if you have the time--after all, the blog is free, and it helps to know that my writing efforts are not lost in this vacuous alternate reality that is the World Wide Web.



Abeni said…
Am jealous.I could do with a teaching break too.Alas no thanksgiving in my part of the world!Paella...even more jealous.Enjoy your break though
Anonymous said…
Yow dutty dawg...nobody nuh approve nuh leave fe you a RA$$...a chat 'bout you going Ohio fe weekend...siddung a yard and hold you corner inna de kennel...AWOAH! ;-)))

Yes, I think the food from BD's can naym from how you describe it. Send two plate nuh.

As you chat 'bout all you can eat... reminds me of the time Daddy and two of him bredrins did hold a Miami trip nuff years back. They went to some all you can eat fried chicken place. Daddy claims that they each downed an average of 7-8 pieces of chicken! Daddy seh that after dem lef, the proprietor drew the shutters down and lock up! LOL!!!

Anyway, tek nuff picture in Columbus, cuss plenty claat and drink some juice for me. Jus careful seh Police nuh lock up you backside sake o junk and disorderly conduct!
Easy. Dr. D.
Sunshine said…
Hi Angry Dog-enjoy your 10 days off and Columbus. LUcky dog!!!
We have something similar here in Boca called Stir Fry and they charge you by the weight. So starting a franchise in Jamaica of this sort would probably work. It's the "all you can eat" restuarants that wouldn't stand a chance in Ja.

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Hope you enjoy a fabulous time!! Beer?? Just found out I have to give that up :(. So, have a few for me too!! Maggie
Anonymous said…
yes dog enjoy yaself in Ohio its always nice ta be away from the 9 to 5.
Anonymous said…
I an I deh pon five days leave too... don't know what I'll be doing with it though. Anyways, you have some fun rude bwoy!

Mad Bull
Stu said…
There is a Mongolian BBQ place here in town that we used to go to for lunch quite a bit. For some reason we don't go that much anymore. Probably because you can pile your plate sky high and there is no limit. Can't do that kind of eating anymore.
Tooomz said…
mmmm Paella..lucky man..enjoy! Have a great time in Ohio :) Wishing you a relaxing Thanksgivin' lotsa turkey for me. Hi to Pebbles!
Anonymous said…
Whappem? Dem nuh have internet access inna Ohio my yute??? ;-))

And BTW, as a serious technical man, nuh time you outfit dis site wid some smileys!?Dr. D.