Monday Already?

G'morning fellow bloggers and faithful readers! Hope that this Monday morning finds you all in good spirits, ready to take on yet another week! As most of you know, I've been on a mini "fall break" vacation since last Thursday. Oh well, vacation done, now it's time to be a teacher once again :(. You know, while sitting at home for the past couple days, I came to the realization that I could totally do this house-hubby thing! I have no problem with cooking, cleaning, washing, going shopping, etc. In fact, if I could get paid to do said job, I'd be happy as a lark!

Oh well, I guess I'd probably get bored after a while, so let me go forth and enjoy my little career as it is now. Friday was really nice, had a few friends over for a little lime (hang out) and everyone brought food. Of course, I had to make my special Finger-Licking Rass Chicken. One of our friends made this Greek pasta dish, Pastichio or something like that I belive it was called. Jah know the thing was heavy in the tummy iya! It was made of eggs, milk, cheese, butter, macaroni, ground beef, and cinammon!. Now I understand why she sai the Greeks only ate this thing once a year, cause I can still feel it on my chest!

Saturday was spent lazing around the house all morning then going for a nice long afternoon walk with Pebbles. We got some really beautiful Fall pictures and I'll probably post a few when I get home this evening. Sunday wasn't very spectacular either, just spent my time at home watching The Punisher [not the old one with Dolph Lundgren, the new one with John Travolta]. Gotta say, the movie was relatively cheesy, I mean, it wasn't like a great piece of cinematography and the plot was extremely predictable--but there's just some sense of satisfaction to be had when the unlikely hero sees his entire family murdered, barely cheats death himself, then comes back as a grim, menacing vigilante dedicated to wreaking havoc on those that stole his life *sigh* all the ingredients of a fine comic book!

So, all in all, I had a very restful weekend with a minimal amount of stress, so now I'm ready to take on another week (oh yeah, Thanksgiving break is 3 weeks away and that means I get another 1-week vacation!!! Isn't it great being a teacher?). Speaking of Thanksgiving, some fool in a Toyota 4Runner almost cleaned my clock on my way in to work this morning! Can you imagine, the road is windy and there is a huge fog around you, making visibility about 2 feet. I'm driving along and see this turd coming up in the opposite direction, in my lane, doing about 70mph. The jackass was overtaking another SUV to R.A.S.S.! Had I not seen his headlights just in time and braked up accordingly, I would surely have been sitting in front of the white pearly gates this morning! Oh well, no harm, no foul, so I just have to give thanks to God that I'm able to see another day and I won't let little episodes like these get me down at all, no siree!

Anyhow, I'm off to earn some money, so I'll talk to y'all later. Now, please be sure to make my comment box's been very lonely this weekend you know!



Anonymous said…
I wish I could cook but I don't have the need to so I don't. It's kinda like swiming
Anonymous said…
Be careful up there, A.D. I've noticed that they have some really wicked accidents up there sometimes, so try to avoid them like hell... - Mad Bull
Anonymous said…
You know, I man wondering if dis Finger Licking Rass Chicken (FLRC) is really nutten more dan KFC!!;-)) Is two time we a hear 'bout it now and still, no hard evidence to prove that it really is as tasty as you claim and your cooking. (Jus cool.) I think I going haffi mek you give testimony when you lick yard December!

Post the fall pics. Chatted to my sister in Pennsylvania yesterday and she tell me seh dem a use fireplace aready! Rahtid...dem place deh nuh mek fe Caribbean people my yute. Day dem hot nuh rass here still. (Night dem start get a likkle cooler still.)

And I agree with MB, careful pon de road. (I woulda like able fe try the FLRC inna de not too distant future.) If de chef gone up so, den it salt. Respec. Dr. D.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the doc, I man well waah taste the KFC (shit). Sorry, FLRC.......
Yow, de man fi watch out fi dem eediat deh pon de road up so. Yu free papa bun, back to work fi yu..I man suppose to deh pon a two week break inna November still. So I am just bidding my time, for those glorious two weeks (No work, no stress).

Tek care Iyah.
Sunshine said…
Buoy Angry Dog-as so yu breddrins dem so rough with yu. A bet yu none of dem can boil water-eh.

The Punisher is an excellent movie!! Well done and John Travolta is really evil.
Hard Nonsense said…
Gosh sounds so boring. You know what would have made that more fun? Getting drunk with me and my boy!

Seriously I'll understand if the thought of getting loaded with myself and Richard did not strike you as infinately appealing. Hope you had a good weekend. Also, I look forward to hanging out on Saterday.
Scratchie said…
Boy AD, to me being home bored beats being at office any day. Mad drivers are everywhere. We seem to have an excess supply out here though. Yuh want some of them?

More time off???? Protest...we want justice!!!