Fidel's Fall

Holidays are here!!! No more work till Monday :D. Too bad I have no money to do anything, so I'm forced to stay home and watch TV all day long :(. Now, isn't it ironic? I won't have money for the holidays, but I'll get paid on the day that I get back to work--hope this isn't a sign of things to come for christmas! Anyhow, I was sitting by the computer this morning when I heard on the TV that Fidel has fallen in Cuba--of course, I rush to the living room to see what's going on, only to find out that he really did fall, I mean physically.

This article describes the incident in full, but the long and short of it is that he had given a speech to some art class and, as he walked from the stage, he tripped and fell. No one knows for sure what caused him to lose his balance, but he may have broken his left knee and arm. Interestingly enough, this whole thing about Castro falling has lead to a lot of commentary about what will be the future of Cuba once he dies--isn't it obvious? when he dies, if his successor isn't as strong as he was, Cuba will go back to being the playground for America's elite that it was during the time of Batista. Oh well, time will tell, I suppose.

In other news, I saw City of God last night. Excellent movie, IMHO. But you know, the more I watched it and the more they described the whole situation of the druglords in the slums that is City of God and how they ruled the city and killed each other off, the more it reminded me of our situation in Jamaica! Gangsters come and kill off each other, but yet there is still someone else to take over. When and how will this vicious cycle end? Nobody knows!

Anyhow, I've said my piece for the morning, now I must go enjoy my holidays. Have a great day y'all!



Scratchie said…
Who give yu permission to get holidays? Holidays are restricted to Jamaicans living in Jamaica cho. But anyway...anything is better than work (except school).
Anonymous said…
Yeah, City of God did wikid, and it stirred similar emotions in me as it did you! Ruff re the money situation, but this too will pass... Try walk wid some inna the Christmas so you can buy me a drink if I do make it there, seen? ;-) - Mad Bull
Stu said…
Didn't you have last Monday off. No, that was the West Indies crew.

Ironically, NPR has a story about the fact that Castri was something like 81 and how he lasted through 9 U.S. Presidents. They were speculating on who would take over when he is no longer capable of leading.
Anonymous said…
I believe Castro has a younger brother in the Cuban military ranks (younger is relative still) who can tek over the reins if shyte should befall him ....(is that a pun on befall)?

This lack of funds ting mussi ketching! I wonder if it a spread via the blog! Better me stop come here. ;-)
Dr. D.
Anonymous said…
City of God was one of my favorite movies - left a great impact on me. Did you know that all of the actors were newbies? A girl in my office is from Brazil and told me that one week after the movie's release, Little Zeke was arrested for robbing a store! Its a real look at the poverty and culture that creates the most hardened criminals and their henchmen - you realise that the system doesn't give that much choice - and a tasteof having something only makes you more hungry for more! A very thought-provoking movie!

As to your vacation - am not sure where in the US you are - but have you tried netflix? For $20/month, you could have a weekend movie marathon!!! Just a thought! We just started with the season discs of The Shield - which turns out to be a great show, and so we are addicted - and having never watched it before, have hours of fun ahead of us! Between that, a bottle of wine and some outdoor exercise, a less than cashified weekend can be fairly decent!

From the one and only SEVEN!!!!!! :D
Sunshine said…
Angry Dog-Holiday on Monday!!! Which Holiday you have and I don't have?
Will check out City of God.
Have a nice long weekend even if you don't have the funds.