The Dog's Double Life

Happy 6-month anniversary to my blog! I can't believe I've known people like The Doc, Mad Bull, Yamfoot, and The Tower Crew for almost as long! Wow, it really does feel like we're all old friends in this blogging game, doesn't it? Well, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you all for visiting my site and allowing me to be a part of the Jamaican blogging community :')...I love you guys :D. To my friends stifled_angel and hard_nosense, who I've known for a while now, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! To people like Stu and Owen it's a pleasure reading y'allz blogs and I hope you guys keep it up for a long time to come! BTW, Stu, dehwidability is a term I coined during my see, in patois, "deh wid" or be with is used to signify that a man and a woman are in a relationship...therefore, dehwidability is a measure of the degree in which one would be willing to date (deh wid) another person.

Anyhow, did y'all catch the presidential debate last night? Jeb vs. John? It was quite interesting...IMHO, Kerry won that debate, but I think both he and Bush sort of exaggerated on a few points. Nontheless, I think someone has actually taught Jeb how to debate, cause he really did hold his own last night--though he did seem to be dwelling on the same points over and over again, i.e. attacking Kerry's tendency to switch opinions on the drop of a hat. Here's an interesting article that I found on MSN this morning that talked about the specific issues surrounding the debate--it does make for decent reading I might add.

Anyhow, so as not to pussyfoot around the issue anymore, I'll let you in on the secret of my double life. You see, I've been busily working on an alternative site to this one where you can read my blog. You see, the problem that I have is that Livejournal is sometimes unpredictable, with respect to downtime and speed...but I like using them a lot, so I don't want to change. So, what I'm doing is giving y'all a link to my second blog that will be a mirror of this one, but should load a bit faster. The link to my alternative blog is, as I said, come here first, but if LJ flipping up....go there next!

Well, that's my shameful little secret, now I'm off to go finish my last class of the day--gonna be learnin' my students some HTML :). Have a great weekend y'all and I'll talk to you sometime soon!



Stu said…
Oh, let's not go there on the debate!! But I will.

Kerry definitely won on "style and delivery", but Bush won on "substance".

Keep in mind, It's easy to criticize a sitting President who has had to have every action over the past 3 1/2 years scrutinized and especially in such a difficult era of post 9/11.

Kerry can only talk about a supposed plan, but the has no proven leadeship. BTW, I thinkn Bush pretty much showed that his so-called "plan" isn't really a plan that would work.