Well, it's Friday again and I am happy that the weekend is here [trust me, after this week, I reeaaaallly need some time to unwind and relax the body and mind]. Don't really have too much to post today, I'm missing some of my blogging buddies [i.e. Mad Bull and The Doctor]. Nuff respec to the crew at The Tower [Ciya, Seven, Scratchie] for providing us all with some insight into this tragedy minor setback that plauges the Caribbean which we all love. Much respect to Ciya for writing this poem entitled Hurricane!! I love it, because she has captured my thoughts and reactions to Gilbert as a child growing up in the late 80's! Well done Ciya!!!

Speaking of which, my dad e-mailed me a joke this morning, and since I have nothing much to post, I figure I'll link it for the rest of you folks to enjoy:

Prime Minister Patterson wants a postage stamp issued with his picture on it.
So, he instructs his people, stressing that it should be of high international quality.

The stamps are created, printed and released. Prime Minister Patterson is
very pleased, but within a few days of the release of the stamp, he is hearing
complaints that the stamp is not sticking, and he becomes infuriated. He calls
the people responsible and orders them to investigate the matter.

They check the matter out at several post offices, and they report the problem to Prime Minister Patterson. The report states, "There is nothing wrong with the quality of the stamp. The problem is people are spitting on the wrong side."

Have a good weekend everybody and, please, stay safe and as dry as possible!