Labor Day

Greetings fellow bloggers, I see from visiting other pages that everyone has been busy posting (even the Doctor has been posting up a storm! [pun intended]). Alright, now I've been taking a lot of flack from certain people who shall remain anonymous about my last post where I turned typical Jamaican cuss words into nifty little acronyms. Well, I believe in the educational merit of what I did, so who don't like it, too bad! (besides, this is perhaps the only excuse I have for swearing on my website without sounding crass).

Anyhow, labor day came and went, and I didn't do one R.A.S.S. After all, I give Uncle Sam my hard-earned dollars in income tax every month, the least he can do is give me a little break to relax and enjoy miself. Hey, you know, I was just thinking about how we in Jamaica celebrate labor day versus how the Americans do it. Now, growing up, I used to remember JBC (TVJ) and CVM providing coverage of labor day projects that different individuals/groups/service organizations used to carry out. I even remember songs that they used to play on labor day: "the more we work together, the irier we shall be" and "everybody mus' work". See, for a good portion of Jamaica, labor day actually meant that we had to go out and work!! Now, in the US, labor day basically means people will chill out, have barbecues, relax, go shopping at the labor day sales...pretty much, they do everything except work.

You know what, I think I like the American idea of labor day much more still, so I guess I'll stay here for a while. Now, Christmas is a different story altogether! In the US, Christmas isn't as important a holiday as Thankgsgiving and, in fact, families oftentimes do not make the effort to reunite for the season, having already had the big family affair for Thanksgiving. For us Jamaicans, on the other hand, Christmas is the bashment time! Officially we get Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, then of course comes New Year. Unofficially, however, we get two weeks off--though our bodies may be physically at work (sometimes) our minds are partying it up non-stop. I could never imagine, even in my wildest dreams, that I would be at work on December 26th...after all, we do need to have some time to recover from all the food and liquor you know!

Anyhow, I am unofficially planning to write an anthology of short stories based on the ones that I post on the LXW site. What do you guys think? Is it worth a shot?

Anyhow, must go tend to the young minds that I call students.