Dawg Turn Rapper To R.A.S.S!!

Hi all, c'est moi, le AngryDog :D. Now, I'm not sure if I wrote about the new JVC head unit (i.e. CD Player) I bought for my car a few weeks ago, well, the thing is kicking much butt! It makes the ride to work seem much more pleasant and I can finally listen to some hardcore dancehall riddims! Anyhow, I think I've been listening to way too much Elephant Man, Tupac, and so on, because I was trying to write a poem this morning and got myself a hardcore gangsta rap instead!

Papa, can you hear me when I cry,
Mama, will you be there when I die?

The depression, the sorrow, the pain
The hatred like antifreeze runnin' thru my veins

All my life I been tryin to be the best grandson, son, nephew, lover, and friend...
Where ma family, girl, n****s gonna be when its time to meet my end?

Tired of paying for my sins and crimes of the past,
Tired of these b****es judging me, treating me like a f****g outcast.

B***es forgot I was the n***a there to dry their tears,
B***es forgot I was the n***a they used to run to with their fears.

F**k y'all and listen to me well,
Cause I got another motherf**n' story to tell.

Y'all betrayed me last month, prosecuted me last week, chastised me yesterday, now you try to crucify me today...
Do what u wanna do, say what you wanna say, you can't hurt this n**a anyway.

You turn ma boo against me, with your contempteous lies,
Do you see any tears coming from this n**as's eyes?

You try to mess with my mind, f**k with my head...
Get over yourself b**ch, I don't give a sh*t if I'm alive or dead.

Your day is coming, it's coming real soon...
Every f***ng cowboy has his high noon

Bring it on b**ch, bring it all to me,
C'mon b**ch, c'mon lets see

I'll paint the f***n town red with your entrails
I'll be the n**a that's gonna drive the last nail...

Bring it on b**h, bring it all to me,
C'mon b**h, c'mon lets see

So, do you think the rap can sell? Anyhow, I'm a bit bummed about the fact that we up north are getting the last little backlash from Frances--it's raining like a mo'fo up in here and I dread the evening drive to go back to my little ranch. Oh well, just have to say a little prayer and tek time gwaan.

Gotta go back to tending young minds.