The AngryDog 8-Week Diet Challenge Part I

"Holy Flab Batman!!" I was looking in the mirror this morning and it suddenly hit me that I've put on waaaayyyy too much weight in the past year! It's darn embarrasing when clothes that used to be too big for you are now two sizes too small and your girlfriend complains about your boxers showing because your T-Shirts rides over your guts! Then of course comes the health-related stuff--problems with sleep, fatigue, lack of endurance, etc. Well, I done with that crap! Time for me to go back to the gym and start losing the weight! Hell, if Anna Nicole could do it, so can the Dog!

The real reason for wanting to go back to the weight room is because I need a new wardrobe for my teaching, but I can't do that until I lose some weight! And so, I've come up with the AngryDog 8-Week Diet Challenge. Now, I don't have the fitness program here, but I'll post it whenever I get home, so look out for Part II come later!

{grrr, grrr}