Wild Weekend!

Greetings all massive and crew. I am writing to you from the confines of my office, listening to the other lecturer telling his students about the intricacies of operating systems *bleh*! Well, I must say that the weekend was pretty wild overall--spent about $700 just like that! Well, I'd like to say that I did something like go to Vegas with Pebbles or went to Pittsburgh and partied from sunset of Friday afternoon to sunrise this morning. Unfortunately, I spent Saturday morning at the mechanic getting shocks and struts put on my ride. When that was done, I went to the electronics store to check out my car radio's electrical system, resulting in me purchasing a brand new JVC head unit for $99...gotta say though, I'm glad I got the unit--nothing beats ripping up the highway at 70+mph with Bounty Killa riding shotgun and Junior Gong, Spragga Benz and Hawkeye chillin in the back seat (di sound sweet iya!).

Anyhow, after that stuff got done, me and Pebbles decided to take a friend of ours, Kim Chee, to look for new cars. Apparently she wrecked her car sometime this summer and was looking for something new(er). Well, we went to the first place, and they had a sweet looking 2001 Honda Civic just calling my name (it was about $8995, less than 23k miles on the odometer and a manual!). Well, of course, I HAD to take it for a test drive (partially to satiate my desire to drive a new(er) car and partially to prove to Pebbles that I actually knew how to drive a stick). The car drive sweet iya! Didn't even stall once, the way the clutch was easy.

Well, after I had driven out the car to my desire, I turned it over to Kim (after all, she is the one who intended to buy it!) and, to my disdain, the girl almost crashed coming out of the parking lot! Now, as you might have guessed, Kim is Korean (not that I'm dissing Asian drivers now you know!), about 5'5" tall and skinny like a board, so it was damn funny to see this little asian chick with her seat pulled up all the way desparately trying not to crack up a bright gold Civic! Looking back in retrospect, it's a good thing she panicked and stalled the engine, otherwise we'd have run right thru the safety glass at the dealership and it wouldn't have been very funny then, now would it!

Anyhow, it took me a while to realize that the girl is, in general, not a great driver and, though she claimed to have learned to drive AND gotten her US license with a stick-shift, I made the false assumption that everybody who learned how to drive with a stick would probably just stall out a few times and then pick up the rake again, isn't that the case? Well, Pebbles and I decided really fast that Kim wasn't really up to driving a stickshift, so we decided to move on to greener pastures (i.e. another dealership).

Our journies took us to another town where we found another Honda dealership that had a bit more variety with respect to used car selections. Well, it turns out that there was a 98 Accord with only 80K miles on it and, though she wasn't really excited about it, I told her to give it a spin and see how it felt. Well, she fell in love with the car (so did Pebbles and I), and decided to buy it for cash. Well, with that business taken care of, we decided to go for lunch/dinner at this really nice all you can eat buffet called Ryan's. We ate so much that we could barely move after!

Once we were fed, the women were in the mood to go shopping (whereas I was in the mood to sleep), so we stopped at the local mall and hit Target for some slipcovers for the furniture. Later, we split up and the ladies spent a few hours at Old Navy and Elder Beerman, while I passed the time in Target looking for new beats for my head unit (wasn't going to buy Bob's Legend CD a backside), computers and, of course, Lego! Gotta say Lego has advanced quite a bit since I was a kid...but I'm not sure I like the Harry Potter and Star Wars-themed stuff.

Anyhow, life was good up to the time we got back in town and I headed towards Kim's house. Now, at this point in time, I'm reaaally tired (driving 640 miles a week does take a toll on you) and Kim was directing me up a hill to get to her home. I know about 4 different ways to get to her apartment complex, but I couldn't remember why I hated going up that hill in particular. Well, the answer came to me as the car fell into a ditch on the side of the road....duhhh, now I remember! Well, of course, I can't get the car out because it bottomed out and I'm scared my axle was torn. We try calling AAA, but the turds weren't answering their 800 number! As faith would have it, a couple guys came along and offered to help me out...which they did. We got the car out, it was more or less ok, though there is a mount that I found that I just can't figure where it came from! It's not a transmission mount (because I'd have felt it), so I'm assuming that it's some sort of stabilizing mount or something....well, I'm taking her to the shop tomorrow, so hopefully they'll figure it out for me.

So, my perfect day was almost ruined, but thank God we're all OK and the car is OK as well (as far as I know), but I definately need to take her in to the shop tomorrow! Anyhow, I've filled this blog talking about me, me, me, so I think I need to stop rambling and go read the writing of some of the other bloggers that comprise the Jamaican Blog Possee.