To Philly and Back: A Dog's Tale [Part 2]

Well it's Sunday afternoon, cool and sunny and I am back home in Little Big City. The road trip from Philly wasn't too bad at all...aside from nearly getting hit by a Honda CRV because the driver failed to check his blind spot while trying to cross into my lane, the trip was relatively uneventful. Mitsy ran like a champion and it's now official, she has 170K miles on her odometer! Speaking of which, I must be certain to give my baby an oil change sometime this week...she truly deserves it! Believe me, she is going to even get a full wash, wax and Armor-All treatment.

You all know the credo about if you know how to drive in Jamaica, you know how to drive anywhere? well, it's 100% true you know! Here I am driving around Philly like I was born there...pulling three-point parallel parks like it was second nature, merging onto 95mph traffic on I-95 like I knew what the hell I was doing ;)...I guess it really does pay to get a Jamaican drivers license and actually drive on the island for a while, no matter how bad the Americans are, they can't be as bad as the Jamaicans--the Indian and Chinese drivers here now are a completely different story, but that is for another day and another entry.

Anyhow, me and Pebbles went to a wedding yesterday for a friend of ours sister. I gotta say, American weddings are pretty damn cool. First, it was in the garden of her parents house, the bride was on time [as a result of being at home!] and the entire ceremony took about 15 - 20 minutes...not like the long service for most Jamaican weddings I've been to! The reception was at the same premises, on the lawn under a tent. The food did damn good [we all get food fi carry home to rass!], juice did a flow, and the vibes did nice. I guess, simple times like these makes me glad that I can appreciate the beauty and uniquness of the Jamaican culture while seeing the diverse and interesting side of the American culture.

Anyhow, I gone go cut cake [ummm, literally you perverts!] and Pebbles went shopping for dessert, so I will catch unnu pon di flip side!