Big up and respec' to all my crew and faithful readers. Now that I am in the world of the working-class I can safely use the world famous abbreviation to express my utter delight at the prospect of a two-day weekend without being condemned for being an unemployed heathen living 10% below the poverty line [i.e. graduate student].

Just got done teaching my final class of the week and I'm really glad it's over [sadly I must disassemble another computer on Tuesday in order to demonstrate the wonderful internal features of the intricate device to the rest of my students...oh how I hate teaching Introduction to Computers!].

Anyhow, I must say that work has become a serious impediment to my Olypmic-viewing sessions. I did read about how the US basketball team are out of the contention for gold or silver, so that's enough to put a smile on my face. Now, I don't want the US to be totally out of the medal rankings, after all, I *sort of* live here too you know! However, I'm really happy that international basketball has come to such a level where they are beating men from a country that have a professional basketball league...see, the NBA is all about a star or two and a few other supporting players. International basketball, on the other hand, is all about teamwork and coordinated me that is the spirit of the game overall.

Now, I've got to say that NBC's coverage of the Olympics hasn't really been that bad! In fact, I'm impressed by the fact that they seem to be a bit less biased than previous years (circa 1994). Obviously the bias thing is going to be present, after all if I was broadcasting the Olympics, I'd make sure to put more emphasis on the events that Jamaicans compete in. Speaking of which, nuff big up to Veronica Campbell (Gold 200m, Bronze 100m), Danny McFarlane (Silver, 400m hurdles), and the womens 4x100 team for striking medals (yes, we did get GOLD in the 4x100 relay to rass!).

Anyhow, is friday, the checking account looking sorta healthy (even though bills pay and car going get new shocks and struts tomorrow), so I think I going to pack up my little bag and head out the door where Pebbles awaits. Her friend Lexus is in town and invited us over for a barbq [free rass food and liquor!], so you know I not going to tarry (stick around) for too long at all, must make my 1+ hour drive home now. Speaking of which, I need some input, can you guys drop me a comment and let me know if 1 hour (64+ miles) is too much to drive to and from work 5 days a week).