Teaching Day 1

Well, it's day 1 of teaching and I've gotten through my first few classes. The day didn't go too badly at all and I'm really happy with the students I have [thus far]. My programming students are really enthusiastic about writing code, but they aren't very experienced sadly. I think that I'm going to work with this small group of four students and try to transform them into a crack group of programmers by the end of the semester...as long as they're willing to be transformed. My Computer 101 classes, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward--they've got a huge book to go through and skills like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and so on are best taught by trial and error IMHO.

At any rate, this is all I have to really say right now, so I'm gonna bail for a while and go help serve dinner to students :). Like the rest of the Jamaican blogging crew, I seem to have hit a slump with respect to ideas, so I must find a way to re-invogorate myself once again!