Road Trip to Philadelphia: Part 1 [The Drive To Philly]

7:22am and I'm sitting in our friend Lexus' apartment in Philadelphia. Took me about five hours to get here and the trip wasn't too bad overall. Aside from having zero visibility weather in Frostburg, MD (courtesy of Charly and Bonnie) and almost getting run off the road by an 18-wheeler in Cumberland, MD, the trip really wasn't too bad after all. I arrived in Philadelphia a little after 4pm and, after spending all day driving on three - four different Interstates without missing a beat, I got lost one block away from Lexus' apartment [stupid Mutt].

Was really happy to see Pebbles and Lexus and we had a good time. Parking at her place is reminiscent of the horrible parking they have in Little Big City, but we did manage to find a spot where I can *hopefully* park for free. Anyhow, we drove downtown to South street, which is just a long stretch of shops. Can I tell you, I saw everything on South street! We saw hippies, we saw latin chulitos, we saw jamaicans, we saw gay couples [overheard a lesbian talking to a gay guy about the new girl she was dating]. The people here seem to be all about sex with at least 1 sex shop on every block. Of course, Pebbles and Lexus had to stop in Condom World to see what was to be seen...of course, I didn't go, because I'm not interested in those things [besides, I was too busy watching two goth chicks making out across the street].

Hey, guess what, I was driving along one of the side streets and you know what I found? Yes, an authentic Jamaican obeah man to rass! Well, at least now I know where to go if I want to "fix" s'maddy business [watch it Dr. D!] ;). Anyhow, we ended the night going to a spanish restaurant and eating a feast! We had some pig (I think they call it Lechazo...but the pork did irie iya...nothing like our Jamaican jerk pork, but it coulda nyam. The skin was crispy and crunchy and the meat was nice and tender...I think is baby pig they use in order to ensure the meat soft.

Speaking of which, while looking for a picture of Lechon, I came across an interesting article (click on the word article above to view the entire story), about the Governer of New Jersey, James McGreevey, resigning from office because he cheated on his wife with another man! He openly admitted to being gay and cheating on his wife at a press conference and said that he would resign from office because of the situation. Ladies, it just goes to show you that you can't always trust the man you're with...imagine, this good fellow had 2 kids and a wife and still turned out to like guys. Oh well, that's the way life is sometimes!

Anyhow, I need to go hol' a fresh (remember the song) and the ladies complaining about hungry, so I gone!