Quick Sunday Post

Good evening one and all, hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday evening like I am. All is well in the world...well, at least the world in my mind. The apartment is clean, chicken in the oven baking, food in the fridge, gave up on the brakes after spending two days trying to pull a single bolt to release the caliper on the driver's side (and after Pebbles expressed her concern about me working on the car so close to the time that I'm supposed to pick her up in Philadelphia). The problem with the bolt is that the damn salt that they spread on the road during the winter (to prevent skidding on the ice) has this annoying side effect of corroding the suspension and braking system components, so try as I might (WD40 didn't help either), there is no way to get the bolt off myself [unless I develop Hulk-like abilities by morning...or invest in a power tool which I don't need]...more than likely they're going to have to apply heat to it in order to pull it anyway. The man inside me is saying "$hit, you couldn't even repair a simple brakes" but the body is saying "don't stress me out no more trying to pull that damn bolt! Jus low it rude bwoy".

Most of you might have seen a post I did the other day poking fun at the good Dr. D. Well, I was surfing online and came across an article about this guy from San Fransisco that apparently doctored a video to make it appear as if he was beheaded by Iraqi militants. The man, a 22 year old college dropout, aspiring politician, computer programmer claims that he did it because he wanted to see how quickly it would spread across the Internet...even going as far as Arab television. Apparently, he claimed that he was using this video as a means of drawing attention to his political campaign.

Now, the question I have is why the hell would someone want to do something that disturbing to get into politics in the first place? Which leads to the second question, would you want someone as stupid as that in ANY position of power? I think not!

Anyhow, I think I have said my piece for this evening, now if you don't mind, I have to go and make the sauce for my chicken ;) Talk to you all tomorrow!