Ode To My Fellow Bloggers

Good morning folks, I bet you never knew that the AngryDog was a writer of no mean order! Well, listen, I don't have very much to say this morning so I'll keep it short. Please visit my writer's blog at League of Extraordinary Writers and tell me what you think about my latest short story, entitled "Innocent". Also, I have written a little poem to big up my fellow bloggers who visit this site from time to time. Cause you dun know that I have nothing but love for you guys!

Come let me tell you a tale of a guild of creative writers so fine,
Insomniacs who spend too many of their waking hours online.

Let me tell you of days when blogging was king,
And writers asked questions like “what’s a network ping?”

Let me tell you of a band of bloggers so fine,
Noble products of the land of wood, water and sunshine.

Who’s words echoed humor, insight and good cheers,
Who thrived upon the comments of said peers.

Let me tell you of the Bull that’s Mad,
The super-smart, computer college grad.

Who reigns upon the island where turtles get eat,
Whose favorite expressions usually ends with "cleet".

With wife Natty and son MBJr. by his side,
Two beacons of love, happiness, joy and pride.

Now we take a trip back to the rock,
To a certain doctor that keep yard pon lock.

A true master of culinary design,
The only yardie that serves you dinner with wine.

An interesting fellow on the IM mat,
Give him some V/X and hear when him start chat.

Ladies don’t be alarmed,
For I intend you no harm.

Let us talk about Lady Yamfoot,
The only one amongst us who knows the origin of “Mokoot”.

An astute cricket fan and writer to be sure,
With a fondness for photos of her pedicure.

The island-hopping, ultra cool chick,
With charm and wit that is pretty darn quick.

Next we come to Bimshire, the land of Princess P,
A diva and a goddess as far as the mind can see.

A woman quite adept at massaging her every word
Into the most beautiful melodies ever heard.

Lest we forget the youngest blogger of the lot,
A man who gives the blogging thing a weekly shot.

Speaking of such, Owen where is your update?
Don’t you know you’re already a day late?

Who can forget the one called Strainer10,
My bonafide bredren, aka my friend.

A soon to be giant in the IT field
As soon as all the mysteries of C++ are revealed.

Don’t think I forget you Seven, Ciya, Mr. Man,
And the rest of the crew at Babel Land.

We enjoy your words of wisdom and humor when you do post,
Though I think we might have to blame your web host!

And of course I am the one they call Angry Dog,
Sleep very little, but when I do, I’m a log.

Trapped in the land where the necks are red,
Where it’s fashionable to wear pillowcases on your head.

A decent writer of some repute,
But to talk anymore about me would be moot.

I must big up my friends hard_nonsence and the cutie from q8,
Two contributors and friends that I really appreciate.

And my darling Pebbles who I know will read this blog and laugh,
She may even get her friend Wilma to post some spanish on her behalf!

I think I’ve completely exhausted my list of words,
Now go out and have some fun you computer nerds!

I think I need to go and rest my head,
Because my eyelids starting to get as heavy as lead.

With these words my poem comes to and end,
Hit me with a comment if you’re really my friend!