Crimefighting in Jamaica

I just finished reading Mad Bull's and he was talking about the whole crime situation in Jamaica and the state of affairs with criminals kidnapping people and demanding ransoms. Well, the Bull raised a very thought-provoking question with respect to whether or not the government can do anything to stem the crime situation that now plagues the country. My answer to that question in the short term is no. The government no longer has the power to reign in these criminal elements and the military and police force work under strict guidelines and, even when they do something right, they come under harsh criticism from the public.

After considering the situation, I realize that there is actually a way to eliminate the criminal element and solve much of the crime problems in our society while benefitting our ailing tourism sector. Basically, what I have in mind is to offer a "vacation" package to mercenaries, soldiers, bounty hunters and amateur hunters from all over the world. They basically come to Jamaica free and clear and pay us to hunt down and kill our criminals. Of course, firm guidelines have to be established about the killing of innocents resulting in prosecution and legal action from the family of the deceased.

The idea is that the sport could be run like a fox hunt in the US or Britian. Target one well-known criminal (obviously our authorities have records about these felons) and, using some trusted guide, hunt down the criminals and eliminate them. As a happy side-effect, the cronies of the said criminal being hunted will probably be killed as well! Of course, since the mercenaries do it on a volunatary basis and they have to sign a contract, we don't care too much if they get killed in the process.

Now, does anyone agree with my idea or did I succesfully manage to piss you off? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.