Cho R@$$

Well, it's Sunday and I have nothing really to report. Nothing in the news has really raised my ire lately, so today I write to you as Tame Pooch. This weekend was good--got in a good share of going out, staying in, getting rid of boxes and cleaning the residence. I'm pleased to report that I finally figured out how to use the bloody's amazing how much trouble 6 buttons and two dials can give you know!

Went to my new office at the school on Friday...found out that I'm the youngest professor, ever! Also found out that the people at the school like to gossip (it's a small school, so I guess they have nothing better to do), so I need to watch my's pretty awesome what you can learn about a place by talking to the secretaries. Well, at any rate, I don't want to be the subject of any damn scandals, so I'll try my best to interact on a limited basis with the people and make my life my business!. Thank God I'm not living in the town itself, I'd be screwed.

Spent Friday night liming and drinking Zima and talking to Dr. D and Yamfoot and the Mad Bull [I think, I was under some serious Zima at that point]. Watched a little TV and retired early--ah, the simple pleasure of being a "man of distinction".

Got the groundwork done for my premiere proposal, so I'm hoping that something might come out of it, doing something with artificial intelligence and expert systems [shhh for now!].

Saw the Manchurian Candidate today and I have to tell you, I loved every moment of it! Denzel Washington was an excellent balance between a neurotic soldier trying to recover from Gulf War Syndrom and other major problems and Meryl Streep was her bichiest and lovliest I'd ever seen her in a film. Overall, I give it two thumbs and two big toes up! If you're only going to see one movie this summer, this is the big one!

Hey, I did find something of moderate interest...imagine a rare white Bengal tiger escaped from a visiting circus in New York City and spent the day roaming around town and causing all sort of chaos.

The tiger, named Apollo, was part of a circus that was visiting the town and I guess he got bored and decided to go sightseeing in the city. Hey, I mean, who can blame the poor animal? I mean, if I was locked up in a cage all day, I'd definately want to go touring the city for a bit. It's only fair I think, after all, I've seen even weirder things in New York than white tigers walking around the city...just look at some of the people and you'll see what I mean.

Anyhow, it's late, and my hands are missng keys, so I think I shall retire for the night.

Good night all!