Are You a Prince or a Player?

Yesterday was a long and very interesting day still. Went to meet with some kids from the local boys and girls club and talk to them about Jamaica. They asked me all sorts of questions about myself and actually managed to squeeze in a few about Jamaica too! I taught them that we are not a nation of weed smoking dreadlocks running around in palm skirts, dancing and smiling all the time while chanting words like "yeah mon" and "irie". Nope, I taught them that we really are a proud and noble race of people with a rich and proud heritage and they loved me for it. They learned about cricket, Miss Lou, Patois and even tried to read a poem in patois! Not a bad job for Independence day, huh?

Anyhow, I was messing around with MSN and came up with a most interesting article by Dr. Debbie Magids. She has some very interesting advice for women when trying to determine if their men are Princes or Players

Here are her six guidelines as posted in her article:

  • A prince calls when he says he will. A player has a long list of excuses as to why he couldn’t call.

  • A prince puts you first. A player puts everything but you first – work, golf, drinking, friends, you name it.

  • A prince wants to meet your family and friends and wants you to meet his (when he sees the relationship is moving forward). A player may take you out with his friends (or bring his friends along on your date, depending how you view it), even on the first date. Consider this a clear sign that dating you has little to do with building a relationship. As for family, don’t plan on meeting them.

  • A prince invests time in you – taking time to find out your favorite song, dessert, etc., a sign of his falling for you. A player puts forth little effort to really get to know you.

  • A prince is the one who will hand-deliver chicken soup when you’re sick. A player is the one who will be way too busy to see you when you’re sick because it won’t be any fun for him.

  • A prince will romance you slowly, bringing you a single flower or bouquet when the time is right, sending a romantic card, or going someplace fancy for dinner to celebrate something special. A player will romance you from soup to nuts right away – dozens of the most expensive bouquets “just because,” going to the most expensive restaurants from the beginning, and other similar extravagances. He’s looking for a quick payoff.

Well, though there is some margin of truth to her claim, I think that Dr. Magids is somewhat lacking in that department. Basically, everything she describes here as a characteristic of the prince could also be applied to a player...a very, very good player. I think Dr. Magids was trying to describe what we in Jamaica term a "wukliss bwoy" [worthless boy] or a wannabe player. If a player did not do all the things described above then his game would be seen too easily and he would then be left with nothing!

So, the question is, what is a lady to do to determine whether or not her man is a player? Well, you can't, unless you're very perceptive. One tell-tale sign that may be useful is whether or not your man has a good memory for things or, failing that, writes everything down. See, the one thing about a player is that he has to be able to remember a large number of things and keep his stories straight--this is in direct conflict with the nature of men in general, who tend to be more disorganized in their head spaces. Therefore, if a man has a knack for remembering details (like the color of the lipstick you had on two weeks ago at night for dinner), he might be a player. Anyow, that is my opinion, take it or leave it.

Going to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow to fix my brakes. Wish me luck!