What Women Desire

Hail up my crew! Hope y'all having a wonderful, fun-filled Saturday evening. Well, I'm quite proud of the things I got done today still. Managed to buy and assemble a desk for my room and change the spark plugs in my car [she running sweet now you see!]. It's around 8:20pm and I'm just kicking back until some decent movie begins on Starz...I think Radio is starting at 9:00pm, so I'll watch that. Hey, here's a word of advice for you: whenever you're assembling furniture, be sure that you have a hammer to hit the nails into the wood, it hurts like hell when you use a tape measure. Also, make sure that the engine is really cool when you're changing spark plugs!

Now, I got quite a few comments on the previous post regarding the dating age equation and, while I don't normally do this, I'll address everyone's concerns here:

  • Mad Bull, that was a very astute observation sir. Yes, you are quite correct in saying that you should date women in their 20s when you are between 37 - 40...hypothetically this is very true, however due to lack of reasearch (i.e. I'm not within the 37 - 40 age range yet) I am not quite able to comment on that. But it may be argues that if older women date younger men then, in order to maintain the balance of things, older men have to date younger women; otherwise, you would have a disparate number of single young ladies in the world. Ideally, the lower bound of 18 must be considered (cause you don't want to sleep in prison now, do you!).

  • Strainer10, you are within the age range described in the post, as such you should be looking at women in your age range at this point in time, regardless of lack of relationship experience.

  • Dr. D, I have no comment for you...you are absolutely correct in your observation [though one may argue about the level of maturity of 20-something females]...post college is not too bad an age for you to be targetting because at that age you will assume that they are ambitious if they actually completed a degree and, as such, the maturity might be present...not always true though.

  • Yamfoot, you are a very flexible woman...may the good Lord help the man that you finally settle down with!

OK, now that I have that out of the way, I can tell you about the juicy article I found on MSN that talked about how men can get the perfect body that women want...men, you need to check it out, because they even provide exercises for building said body parts.

Anyhow, the gist of the article is that we men spend too much time working on body parts that might be more visually appealing to other men! *gasp* For instance, men build big biceps because they can be seen by themselves and other men! *shock and awe*. Anyhow, the article went on to say that certain body parts are more attractive to women because of innate instincts [i.e. animal nature]. The back, the shoulders, the butt and the calves are quite important according to this article.

A broad back helps with a V-shape look to the body and is a symbol of protection [from cave man days]. Big shoulders are the "muscles of love and war"...mek sense to me. A good butt gives the lady something to grab on to during the act of procreation, ok I buy that too. Finally, well developed calves are important for balancing out the body...i.e. you can run as well as lift heavy stuff.

Well, I buy all four of those reasons still and I believe that the article makes much sense. This reminds me of when I go to the gym and I see guys walking around with huge chests and no leg or bicep development or huge arms and no chest development or a huge upper body and no lower body strength. I've always thought it was disproportionate and could only look good if you're walking around in a tight t-shirt and baggy pants on a saturday night. In fact, I found myself more interested in training the lower body in my later years. To be honest with you, I've been top heavy myself and I hated looking at my body in the mirror or going to the beach or even wearing shorts for that matter [now I'm fat all over, but at least I'm no longer top heavy!].

Anyhow, my point is that if you're going to work out go ahead and train every body part instead of just working on the "mirror muscles" i.e. the muscles you can see only in the mirror at the gym. Don't just spend your time doing bench press and curls and shoulder press...do likkle calf and quarducep training to nuh man? after all, who doesn't want to be proud to take off their shirt and pants when the time is right!