Welcome one and all to the greatest show in the world. Well, as you can see by the title of today's blog, I have a little bit secret about Dr. D to share with you all. I've done a great deal of research to ensure that the facts are in place and I have had many conferences with my friends in the "underground", so when the news buss on TVJ or CVM, remember that you saw it at Angry Dog's site first.

Of course you do! Well, it turns out that our friend the great Dr. D has been leading a double life! Yes sir, I've contacted my links in the paparazzi to bring you some astonishing images of the good doctor.

Here's a rare picture of the Doc with actress Kelly Hu in the European version of the blockbuster hit The Scorpion King.

When we said that the good Doc was large, he is large for real! Here he is alongside co-star Halle Berry in the [unedited] Russian version of the film Die Another Day, where he had the distinction of being the first black high color browning James Bond.

Here is an early shot of the doctor in the British version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. As you can see, even though this film was taken over 10 years ago, the Doctor still looks bright and youthful as he does today.

In recent years, things have been rather tough for the famous Dr. D and, as such, he has had to resort to a life of porn...here is a recent picture of him alongside porn diva Olivia Del Rio at the 2004 AVN Awards.

Finally, this picture was taken two weeks ago before the Doctor's famed visit to Lime Cay. Notice that his diet and exercise regimen has paid off, as well as a severe dose of the MadBullkins Diet [see Mad Bull for details of the diet].

Well, there you have it folks, another celebrity revealed! Until next time, stay safe and happy!