To Blog or not to Blog

Friday night. Stressed out with all the packing that has to go on, nervous and excited about the big move tomorrow, happy that my life will soon stabilize and I'll have a steady job, a new apartment, food in the fridge and cash in my pocket. Now, as I said earlier, the phone company told me that I'll be without my precious DSL for two weeks! A most painful two weeks it shall be too!

At any rate, I was considering the whole blogging thing and was toying with the idea of just quitting altogether, packing it up and saying "Adios Amigos!" The never-ending quest to find the interesting article to write about and not spending too much time talking about myself is a bit stressful you know. Like I'd said in previous posts, I don't want this blog to be centered around me, I want it to have a life of its own and provide amusement and insight to everyone that visits this little web page. I've tried to bring across my perspective of the world from the eyes of a man born and raised in Jamaica who spent a good portion of his 20s in the US gaining an education. I've tried to bring humor, common sense and a general trivializing of the more mundane things in our world. Sadly, I feel as if I have failed in my mission.

And so it is that I'm at this turning point in my life as a blogger, do I blog? do I not blog? do I blog a little? do I blog a lot? Well, I've decided that I'm going to stay away from my blog for two weeks...don't worry, I've already made up my mind that I'm not going to quit blogging. I just need some time to regroup and decided that the time I don't have my Internet connection is probably the best time to do this. But don't worry, I'll be back in August we new, fresh things to talk about, so don't cry for me too much! By the way, I will be visiting all my friends sites and leaving comments as time permits!