Them Cheating Women!!!

Hey all, hope everyone is having a great day so far--I know I am! For some reason, I feel a bit more relaxed today than I did yesterday. Anyhow, I was reading an article on MSN a few minutes ago about the dynamics of why married women cheat on their significant others. Well, I tell you what folks, it has me scared out of my mind (even though I'm not married). From the indications of the article, it turns out that a lot of married women find their relationship to be quite lacking and often look for these missing aspects in co-workers, the grocery store attendant, the Internet chat room "buddy", the mailman, and so on. It's also important to note that most of the women that do cheat tend to have husband with jobs that tend to be very demanding and stressful. As a result, they might not be as intimate and sensitive to the needs of their women as they should/could/used to be--I can relate, cause sometimes when I come home from work or school, the last thing on my mind is sitting down and cuddling with my girlfriend...especially if I had a stressful day!

At any rate, the whole article made me sort of think about the things that I could do to keep my girlfriend/wife/significant other happy and prevent her from wanting to find comfort in the arms of a stranger:

1. Go to the damn gym! A healthy body is a sexy body is a stress-tolerant body!

2. Make time for your girl. Whether its an evening of dancing and romance, lounging
on the couch, or whatever--just make sure that you make time for the special lady in your life.

3. Be the Master of Surprises. Most women like pleasant surprises, wheter its a bouquet of flowers at work, a surprise weekend trip to the beach...make sure that you make her [and your] life exciting.

4. Learn to Cook! In my experience, most girls seem to find it impressive when a guy knows his way around a you want to make sure that, even if you're not Emeril, you can use more than the microwave in the kitchen [it also never hurts to have a dish that you make special for her and surprise her with it only on rare occasions].

5. Be sure to emphasize her beauty. Most women like to know that there man finds them sure to let her know from time to time--it's amazing how far a small compliment can go.

6. Listen, Listen, Listen. Everyone likes to be heard, but not everyone likes to sure that you are listening to your lady (and not just hearing) and never be too quick to start griping about your own problems--her problems are as important as yours too you know!

7. Know your lady's likes and dislikes. OK, this is more or less obvious still, if you know that your girlfriend or wife doesn't like your smelly gym bag lying around in the bedroom stinking up the place, don't do it! Be sensitive to her needs. Also, if she has some unusual romance/sex fantasies [within reason for you] try to indulge it.

8. Dedicate one night as "Us night". The way I see it, sometimes you need to have a special night just dedicated to the two of you. You know, the kind of night where you get your groove on and just let it all hang out ;).

9. Don't be afraid to be "one of the girls". This is sort of cool, but not to be done too often, I've found that it appeals to some women if their guy actually gets along with their female friends--I've never quite understood why, but some women are actually receptive to a guy in their midst that they find harmless and it makes for good discussion of the differences/similarities between both sexes. Trust me, you can learn a lot! Of course, you don't want to be too much of a girls guy--after all, you still have to be a man the next day!

10. If your girl likes shopping or chick flicks indulge her. Yes, I know, most men don't like things like shopping, chick flicks, the Golden Girls, and so on. But, if you suck it up and indulge her once in a while--what's the harm of going to the mall with her and watching her try on clothes [hint: if it's a store like Sears, you can actually drift off to go look at tools, electronics, etc. while she looks for stuff to try on!].

Anyhow, I don't attest to being a master of relationships, but I figure that these few commonsense things might actually make sense, if not, then hit me up and tell me what the right way is, though I know that those things have worked for me in the past--what's your secret?