A Reason to Bark

Saturday morning and I'm not suffering from a hangover...incredible! I guess it has a little bit to do with the fact that I didn't drink anything last night, except for a cup of hot coca. I'm a bit hungry though, since I spent too much time chatting with my friends and not enough time focusing on getting dinner. The good news is that my loan got approved, so I should have enough funds to survive until my job starts paying me! God is truly a good God.

Well, aside from that, I don't have very much to report right now in my personal life. I guess the only thing of consequence right now is the fact that my thesis defense is in another 10 days and I'm yet to begin studying, but not to worry, I'm going to do some hardcore studying today as soon as I get some food in my stomach.

Found a really interesting article on Fark this morning about those crazy Australians. Imagine, some burglars break into a house and steal a bunch of valuable stuff as well as a large urn of powder that they thought was a drug. Of course, the fools decided to snort the drug, not thinking that it could have been the remains of a person until AFTER the fact...it turns out that it was the remains of the family's pet goat!

In other news, the biggest buzz around the world lately has been the trial of Saddam Hussein. Now, I was talking to a friend of mine from Kuwait yesterday and she's pissed, cause apparently Saddam is accusing them of turning Iraqi women of being prostitutes. To add to the drama, I heard that Hussein is even saying that GWB is the real criminal that should be put on trial and he's the innocent...yeah, right. Turns out that Hussein is even getting Moammar Gadhafi's daughter as a part of his defense team. Go figure, after all the atrocities he's been accused of doing to women, a woman is going to be his defense attorney [the bitter ironies of life]. As far as I see it, no matter how good Hussein's defense team is, he's going to be found guilty--otherwise the legal system is even more flawed than we thought it was.

Hey, speaking of this and that, I'm really concerned that Bill Cosby is getting senile in his old age or something! In this article it turns out that he went off on another tirade against the black community recently at a conference he was invited to be the guest speaker. Now, the fact is that a lot of the things he said really did make sense, but to denonuce the grammar that african-americans used (i.e. ebonics) saying that because they can't speak proper English they'd never become doctors or lawyers...what's up with that? Dude, get a clue, just because someone speaks ebonics doesn't mean that they aren't intelligent. Like I said, some of the things that Cosby said is true, but the way he says it almost makes it seem as if he's ashamed of being black. White men beat their wives also, white people are on welfare too and, yes, there is a lot of uneducated white folks out there "Dr." Cosby. Somehow, Cosby's argument pisses me off because you get the feeling that the millions of dollars he's earned in his lifetime has desensitized him to the plight of the black man in America.

Recently, Cosby even lashed out against his famous creation, Fat Albert. Apparently, he said to an audiece of several thousand that Fat Albert was an obese disgrace that was more deserving of our contempt than our laughter--ummm, Mr. Cosby, wasn't Fat Albert your creation and didn't you do his voice and didn't he make you really popular? I don't know what is up with the dude, I think he's still pissed off about his son being murdererd a couple years back, but I don't see why he should take out his self-loathing and anger on the black community and innocent cartoon characters like Fat Albert. To be completely honest, I loved watching Fat Albert as a kid and, because I was overweight myself, I could really a lot better to the character and he made me feel better about my condition. Way to go Cosby, you've just lost me as a fan for sure!