Moving Day 4

It's 1:45 AM and I just got back in from moving the second set of things to the new apartment. With this trip, it basically means that I've moved everything for Pebbles that I can fit in my car. I'm almost done with the shredding--just a few more papers to go and we're good...I had that poor shredder running frontways, backways, sideways, any which way I could.

Woe beyond all woes, I called the phone company today to find out when I'll get my DSL and they told me 2 weeks....are they crazy or what? Two weeks? Man can't live without the Internet for two weeks--anyhow, I plan to call them tomorrow and raise hell and see if I can get it sooner--if not, I'll just hold the cable modem thing and see how that can gwaan.

Yep, I'm feeling better about the move... [says the Dog as he takes another sip from his bottle of Smirnoff Ice].