Moving Day 3

Well, I guess I could say that moving day 3 is going pretty well, but I'd be a big liar and would probably get struck down by a bolt of lightning. To tell you the truth, I didn't move anything yesterday (sux to be me) because I was stressed, so I decided to hang with my friend Debbie at a Mexican restaurant (stay away from the bean paste yo!) and then we ended up chilling with a friend of ours from the Congo (Zaire) and her husband. Both of them were really nice and I somehow got roped into doing a website for a small equal rights coalition of which the lady was the president of.

Got home after midnight, spoke to the Good Doctor and Madame Yamfoot briefly then I passed out on the bed and woke up . I was about four minutes late for my teaching this morning, but that's fine--I have it all planned out so that I only teach on Monday and the rest of the week is dedicated to the students sitting around and coding up their projects--the joy of seeing little undergraduate fingers busily tapping away at their keyboards, cherubic faces in deep contemplation as they ponder questions such as
"should I delete the head of the list before I insert the new item?" or "hmmm, I wonder if I forgot to link my new node to the rest of the list" or "sommabitch, the f*in computer ate my assignment!" Ahhh, the joy of teaching an introductory Computer Science class.

I just thought I'd drop this little link for you folks that are into rats (like some of our friends in Greneda). Apparently there is a Rat Lover's Fan Club and from what I read on their website it's pretty big too--with branches across Europe and North America (none in Jamaica though). So, for those of you interested in raising rats, be sure to check out the site and adopt a rat too! [eww, eww, eww]

Now, speaking of rats, I had a most unfortunate experience with one when I was about 15 years old. Now, imagine, I'm sitting at home one night typing away at the computer like a madman when suddenly a rat walks across the room--huge rat too, with massive muscles! In fact, when I saw the rat I understood where the term "gym rat" came from. The rat looked like it could easily take out a few cats without even breaking a sweat (do rats sweat, btw?) and there were some chunks missing from it's tail which might have been an indication that it had survived a few fights with several mousetraps in its day. To be honest, I could've sworn that the rat had a scar over its eye and a scowl on its face.

Well, I decided that no rat should be just strolling across my floor like it owned the place, after all, I was the human here!

Me: Angrily stomps foot on ground.
Rat: Stops and dramatically turns head, scowls at me then resumes walking.
Me: Angrily stomps foot on ground, louder than the first time.
Rat: Stops and dramatically turns head, scowls at me then resumes walking.
Me: Stomping foot repeatedly.
Rat: Turns, looks at me and suddenly bolts forward and hits me squarely on the shin.
Me: Jumps up onto the chair and start shouting for help.
Rat: Scowls at me again and resumes walking.

Now I kid you not, the rat running into my shin hurt like hell people. In fact, my shin was black and blue for a few days well, but I learned my lesson that day still: Never mess with a Jamaican rat, because they have really bad attitudes. I want to see scientist try to run their experiments on our rats and see what happen to them (the scientists)!