Moving Day 1

It's 1:05 AM and I'm still up. Just got back home and am in the process of chugging the remaining just finished chuggin the remaining 0.05 litre of my 2 litre bottle of Sprite. You know, in a way I am sort of happy that I am finally moving out of this bloody apartment...sure, I'll pay a little bit more in the way of rent and utilities, but it's not too bad considering that me and my girlfriend Pebbles will officially be living together, instead of us residing in the same apartment building and running in between each others apartments...sadly, she won't be here to partake of the merriments of moving, since she is home in Spain--oh well, there will be plenty of work for her to do when she gets back in August.

Now, my body isn't in the peak condition it used to be in my earlier years when I was completely into my weights and martial arts, but it still has something left in it and I can still get the lifting job done when it comes to moving stuff, but the stairs in my apartment are going to either kill me or make me get a whole lot stronger. Imagine, 4 flights of stairs to go up every day and night--and we not talking any little dibby dibby (easy) stairs neither, we talking about stairs that make even physically fit people get tired--imagine me who weighing in at 220 lbs.

Anyhow, I was pretty upset about having to walk up and down these stairs taking all manner of fact you know it took me almost 2 hours to load up the car. But you know what, as soon as I got to the other place and started unloading, I was done in less than 15 minutes and the new apartment is really cool--the A/C is kicking like Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Hey, I have a question for you faithul readers, now I'm sort of country and I've never really had a carpeted apartment before (well the bathroom in my apartment before this was carpeted) so I was wonderin if there are any tips that you can give to me regarding how to prevent my furniture from leaving horrible marks in the carpet--any advice is appreciated!

Listen, I need to go to bed, so I will talk to y'all in the lights--oh just in case you're wondering here's the major plan of action for my moving:

Tuesday : Move Computer Books, Bookcase and some of Pebble's stuff. Check.
Wednesday: Move remainder of Pebble's stuff and finish sorting through papers
Thursday : Move kitchen and computer
Friday : Move remainder of small items
Saturday : Move furniture and any other items left behind, clean old apartment
Sunday : Organize new apartment
Monday : Spiderman 2

LOL Notice the first thing that gets moved?