You're probably wondering what the acronymn MNHIFAR means, right? Well, to satiate your curiousity it basically means Me Not Happy Is Friday A Rass. While other friends of mine will be out gallavanting and drinking V/X and other alcoholic beverages (yes, you know yourselves you slackers you!), I am stuck at home contemplating my upcoming exam on Monday. So far, I've gotten over most of the studying--now the question that needs to be asked is whether or not I actually remember anything that I studied, but we pray for the best.

Anyhow, just because I want to scare (or stimulate) some of my readers, I've decided to post the following picture stolen from Christine Envall's website:

This is to serve as a warning to you men that there are still women out there that are bigger, stronger and have better abs than you (right Doc? j/k) and to all you women that lift weights, please don't decide to bench press 500 lbs, squat 1000 lbs or any other sort of craziness. Though I appreciate a well-chiseled physique, I would rather not have a hard time deciding which out of the two of us has better bicep development (especially if the chance of you winning are much better than mine).

Pssst, have you heard about the latest red meat substitute from Australia? It's called Naturoo and, as the name implies, it is made from 100% Kangaroo meat! But guess what, before you laugh you need to consider some of the following things about this new "red" meat:
• low in cholesterol;
• 99% fat free;
• high in iron;
• high in protein;
• has no chemicals or growth hormones;
• a clean and healthy meat;
• produced to the highest world standards;
• quality controlled;

So, my advice to all you high-protein dieters out there is to quit delaying and get your checkbooks, credit cards or shotguns out and get yourself some fresh Kangaroo meat! I really think that this product is going to go places, I mean who among us have not seriously thought about the prospect of gorging on a nice, juicy slab of marsupial meat?

Anyhow, I don't have too much to say today, so I just thought I'd give you a little touch-up for the weekend.