Good News ++

It's almost 3:00pm on a relatively laid-back Saturday afternoon and I decided to take a little break from studying in order to update my blog. Spent a bit of time this morning with my buddy, The Good Doctor, who is now off enjoying some sand, sea and sun (I'm so envious of you it's not even funny!).

Spent a little time talking to Yamfoot online and she reminded me about the One Day International match that was being played between West Indies and New Zeland today. New Zeland made a whopping 266 in 50 overs and the latest score for the West Inidies, according to Cricinfo is that we are on 123/5 with less than 17 overs to go. If you do the math, you'll realize that we need to make about 9 runs per over in order to win. Problem is that we've lost the majority of our high order batsmen ...sigh, the first cricket match I've been interested in for years and we are getting slaughtered. Will post more later once the match is over.

Now, the good news is that I got approval from the Government to work so I'll be getting my card in a few days and all will be well...hmmm, I think this means that I will actually be able to enter the payroll for my job on-time! [crowd cheering wildly].

Hey guys, I came across this news article on MSNBC yesterday where Hungarian researchers have found some correlation between men that carry cellphones in their pockets or on their hips and low sperm count. However, the findings aren't conclusive, as it was pointed out that other factors, such as stress, diet, exercise and so on weren't taken into account during the course of the research.

Now, we've long since heard that cellphones are bad for our brain, they mess up kids and even cause cancer, so I would imagine it would be highly possible for this research to make some degree of sense, although not as solid as it should be. After all, the widespread cellphone explosion is pretty recent and we simply haven't had sufficient time to examine all the health risk (i.e. we are the guinea-pig generation for cellphones). All I can say is that, if this research is true, I am sorry for Jamaican men that are known to carry anywhere from 1 to 6+ cellphones on their person!