The End...

No, no,'s not the end of my blog! [In fact, we've only just got started!]. I've been so bored lately, though I know that I really need to get cracking with the studying thing for my final defense, but I've succeeded in surfing to the end of the Internet! Yes, you've guessed it, I've seen every page on the Internet and have reached the very end. Now the major question is what am I going to do with the rest of my life, now that the Internet is no more of a challenge for me.

Well, I was thinking of taking all the knowledge I gained over the years of web surfing and using it to build a really evil killer cyborg thingy that looks like Condoleeza Rice....but nah, I think the world only has enough space for one evil, killer cyborg thingy named Condoleeza.

Hmmm, what else could I do with my spare time, now that there is no more Internet? Well, another thought that crossed my mind was that I could study law and polit(r)ic(k)s and run for president of the US--problem is that they might realize that I'm not a white, ivy league, polo playing, super-rich American. But I think the country could do well with an illegal alien president from Jamaica [no, my platform will not be based on legalizing pot...Jamaicans aren't all about weed you know!].

What else could I do? Hmmm, I have no clue! Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me?

Disclaimer: I apologize if this blog sounds phucking crazy, but it's very hot and I'm not responsible for anything I say or do under these extreme temperatures--God I love the fact that my new apartment has central air!