The Countdown

Anxiety. Stress. Fear. These are the emotions that have become my companions over the past few weeks. I'm anxious about moving, stressed about my thesis defense and fearful that my committee will think that I'm a fraud and that the crux of my research is bullshit. I've never really been nervous about defending my skills or work before, but the magnitude of this defense seems so much greater than anything I've ever faced before in my entire life...there just seems to be too many things at stake if I do not do well. To be honest though, I feel more confident as the hours go by and I think that the more I revise for the coursework exam portion of my defense, the more my confidence grows. Let us just pray that I will find the strength and courage to stand against the onslaught of questions that my committee will throw at me. Lord, I pray that you grant me the strength to rise above this trial by fire...

OK, let's not really think about stuff that are too personal or somber. I want my blog to be fun, informative and thought-provoking...not a mundane monologue that I write to glorify myself...besides, there is just too much weirdness in the world that must be brought out into the light on these pages. For instance:

My Summer '04 T-Shirt

Ok, I liked the T-Shirt and I just thought I'd plug it just for fun--don't be too surprised if you see me walking off the plane this Christmas with a T-Shirt like that! Anyhow, speaking of clothing, I was getting my regular dose of Fark this morning and came across one of the strangest articles ever. Apparently, some dude in Columbus, Ohio got arrested for trying to steal a pair of socks from an 11-year old kid! Go figure, it turns out that this guy had some sort of weird adolescent sock fetish thing going on because when the police raided his house they found over 500 pairs of boys socks...what the hell!

Speaking of socks, I remember when I lived in Jamaica, my grandmother used to wash our clothes and hang it out on the line (not like here where everybody and their dog sporting a washer and dryer!). Well, it turns out that sometimes a few items of my wardrobe would come up missing, usually shirts and briefs. During that time, my grandmother used to hold frequent conversations with the gardner that worked for some ladies (my grandmother's mortal enemies) that used to live behind us [and who made our lives miserable with all the stuff they used to burn in their backyard]. Well, this gardner was a self-professed minister and would always want to have "prayer meetings" with my grandma. Well, one day, I saw him coming down the road in a T-Shirt that looked vaugely familiar...lo and behold it was my purple Harley Davidson T-Shirt, a ha so I finally found the clothes thief! Well, I saw him a few more times and every now and then he would be wearing one of my shirts. Didn't really say anything to the man, just let it go.

Well, it comes to pass that I'm sitting in a bus one day and said minister walks in [sporting one of my shirts] and begin launching into this huge sermon about the evils of man and how we are inherently wicked, covetious and damn tief. Of course, I couldn't hold it in anymore, so I blurted out "yes, it's true pastor, some times people even go to church and testify in ill-begotten shirt and brief that they steal from their neighbours clotheslines, oh yes!" People, I tell you that I have never seen a black man blush so hard in all my life! The man was so embarrased that he didn't even wait for the hat he was passing around for collection to come back, he just hopped off the bus at the very next stop and that was the last I saw of him.

You know, looking back at that experience though, I really wonder if I did the right thing embarrasing the man in public like that...why did I not confront him about it when I had the chance to do so, without making a mockery of his message? I guess maybe I was pretty young at the time and the man was obviously in need of clothing if he was willing to steal a young boy's garments...I guess it just boils down to the fact that I can't stand hypocrites who tell you one thing to your face and then do the complete opposite behind your just ain't right!

Well, I think I'm going to end this blog here now still, I thrive on the comments of my readers and, with the exception of Dr. D and Mad Bull, I'm not sure if anyone is reading this mess. If you appreciate my stories and such, just drop me a line to say hi nuh! After all, I am Jamaican and I do thrive on feeling the warmth of people! And if it's fleas, ticks or rabies you're worried about, don't be...I've gotten all my shots and I do take 2 - 3 showers per day!