Columbus B@#b@c*@tt

The other day Dr. D posted an article about Columbus' ancestor coming to Jamaica for a visit to the nation that his great++ grandfather had "discovered". I had no idea that there was so much excitement about this mans visit! He's getting the keys to Spanish Town (the poor sucker) a citation from the mayor of Kingston (in the US, citations mean that you have to appear in front of a judge for some criminal offence) and, to top it off, he'll lay a wreath at the statue of his ancestor (ummm, I had no idea that we had a statute of Columbus here).

A reader of the Jamaica Gleaner, one Mr. Garfield Morgan, was quite upset by the visit of Mr. Cristobal Colon de Carvajal (aka Columbus v.2004) to our land of wood and water and wrote a letter to the editor venting his views of the impending visit. To be honest with you, I agree a lot with what Mr. Morgan is saying--I mean, think about it, Columbus wasn't that much different from Henry Morgan, As a kid, I grew up seeing these tall, brave looking fellows in stockings with feather hats standing over the bronzed Indians that once walked this very land....ummm, wasn't the majority of Columbus' crew made up of convicts? how come they looked so clean and fresh after months at sea? At any rate, Morgan does raise an interesting point about bestowing this honor upon a man whose forefather helped to eliminate the natives, as far as I'm concerned he should've just been really quiet about his visit and just gone to Hedonism II for a frolick with some of the natives that his grandfather++ would certainly have approved of! Let us hope and pray that he doesn't invoke the ire of the Rastafarian community.

It looks like that time of year again where foreigners will be flocking to our shores for Reggae Sumfest. According to the projections by the event planners, the show may easily rake in $2.5 Million++ USD for Montego Bay's ailing economy. As Mad Bull pointed out in a recent post, Jamaica hasn't been having such a great time with respect to cruise ship arrivals in recent months and this money will surely help to boost Mobay's ailing economy. Well, I wish all the partygoers good luck and nuff enjoyment and I also implore the entertainers to behave themselves! and to the vendors, taxi drivers and petty thieves...please make our tourists feel welcome because we really do need the money to project ourselves as a warm and friendly "no problem mon, I watch Cool Runnings mon, you want some weed mon" nation that Mr. Columbus would want us to be! BTW, can someone please tell me who this young lady named Blue Fox (pictured below) is, cause she looking quite fine!

Oh yeah, one last parting shot...the other day Dr. D told you all about an Ice Cream day festival nonsense that was going on (I believe it was Sunday the 19th), well you haven't lived until you've had Japanese Ice Cream! it turns out that these people will make ice cream out of anything....including horses, cows, goats, whales, seaweed, garlic, silk, kidding! check the link out and see for yourself!

Anyhow, just thought I'd hit y'all up with another post! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Have a great day and talk to y'all soon!