Too Much Time On My Hands

It's Friday afternoon and I have absolutely nothing to do. It's sad, but since my girlfriend went home to Spain for vacation, I haven't been motivated to do anything very interesting lately. Most of my friends are out of town and I'm too busy waiting on my work permit and my thesis completion to actually go anywhere. Well, in Jamaica there is a saying that the devil finds work for idle hands and this surely seems to be the case with me!

Take for instance my latest "project", doing data mining on the winning lottery numbers in the Jamaica Lottery competition for the past 10 years. I sat down and came up with a simple little PERL script that performs a frequency analysis on all these numbers. You see, my original theory was that the random numbers aren't really that random [I'm guessing there might be a bias in the system toward certain numbers]. Well, that theory proved faulty and I ended up with completely useless results [maybe]. I figure that what I should really try to do is to find the frequency of occurences between each number (for example, how many times in the data do you see the numbers 12 and 32 together in a winning number set)...but that is for another day and another blog...[if anyone is really interested in my little script, just leave me a message and I can give you the source code].

Anyhow, I got frustrated with my data mining example (not saying that I'm totally giving up hope now...I'll try again when I'm smarter and, if I do win, I'll give each of my readers a dollar and a beer), so I decided to look at random stuff on the web. Much coolness, the first site I stumble across is a Russian dating/bride service. And I have to say that some of these women looking very, very fine [anybody know how many stamps it would take to ship a 5'4" 110lb Russian wife to the Caribbean?]. I mean, aside from names like Olga, Helga and Tatsiana I could deal...[side note: Dr. D, mek we save up and send fi two Russian ting no boss? ;)].

Well, after catching my kicks off of hot Russian women, I still found myself dissatisfied with the state of my boredom, so I surfed over to the Honda Tuning Magazine website.

and found a pretty interesting article about an Integra Type R. Now, as most Jamaican car enthusiasts know the car pictured above is a 96 Integra Type R. Not a big deal for most of us, as it happens that there are more of these cars in Jamaica than there are people to drive them! Well, the fact is that this one is in the USA and it is also a right-hand drive!, after reading the article, it turns out that although the States are strict on importing these rides it IS POSSIBLE! Woot!!! so now, I'm trying to figure out what I have to do to get the EVO Lancer that I always wanted!

Well, folks I am a shade tired from the exertion of my busy day, so I think I'm going to end this blog right here and right now. Feel free to drop me a comment or two!

{arf, arf}