Muscles ache, need some sleep, but still writing...

Good morning fellow bloggers, it's about 2:44 AM (that's 1:44 AM Jamaican time) and I really need to sleep, but I also need to post big time! I was surfing the web yesterdat and came up with this article about Colin Farrel's new movie, A Home at The End of The World. It turns out that he did a nude scene [we talking full frontal here] and it had to be cut from the film because his penis created "a stir" at the screening of the flick. Women became over-excited and men became nervous--it must have been one raunchy scene in the movie theater for sure! To make matters worse, Farrel is upset about the scene been cut [apparently he wants all the women to see his package, the slezy little slut!] and is negotiating with the producers to ensure that the scene is included in the DVD.

In other news, I did have the pleasure of linking up Dr. D yesterday on MSN and he and I had a nice long reasoning session, like we knew each other for years. You see, that's the nature of Jamaican men...our culture is so unique in its closeness that it allows people from all walks of life to associate with each other and quickly bond!

Anyhow, I'm going to my bed, so good night to all you folks out there in blog land....sweet dreams and I'll tell you all about my friends moving day tomorrow!