As The World Turns

Hot Body Dog
It's another Monday evening ladies and gentlemen and I am having a fine and dandy time just kicking back and relaxing in the confines of my [purposefully] dark apartment. It's amazing how a fast Internet connection can help to ease the boredom of an otherwise dull day...of course, all that is going to change tomorrow as I will begin my regimen of diet, exercise, and novel academic pursuits as inspired by my fellow Jamaican web travellers, Yamfoot and Dr. D. I do intend to get back in shape as the Jamaican public expects to see a lean, mean AngryDog and not the pudgy little poodle that I've become. Yes sir, I will be ripped, shredded, jacked and fat-free. I will get myself into shape to the extent that women will have multiple orgasms by just looking at my chiseled abdominal muscles and rock hard pecs. I will be able to pick up heavy barrels (and girls) with one sweeping motion of my heavily muscled arms. I will refuse to wear T-shirts because my muscular definition is so sharp that it rips T-shirts when I try to put them on.

But seriously folks, don't become like me...when I was home in Jamaica, I was a health nut to the extent that I used to actually make a living training people and, God knows, I was in the best shape of my life in those days! Now I'm just a pudgy little computer hacker who dreams of days of heavy weights and pretty women in spandex suits that called him "instructor"...oh how I miss those tight, hot bodies days.

Mass Murder
Hey, check this out. I was on today and found this article about a woman in Greece that killed about 250 pigeons by feeding them with some maize and sesame seeds that she found in her dead uncle's house! Now people, can you imagine 250 dead pigeons? I sure can't! Wonder if this would count as one of the biggest single mass-murder of pigeons in history!!

Bush v. Fidel
In another interesting article, it seems as if Fidel is shaping up against Bush. In an article on Yahoo, Castro is said to have publicly warned Bush that he will not tolerate any form of military action in the form of surgical strikes or wars of attrition against his country. This argument seems to have come in the wake of recent policy that have severely restricted things such as travel, monetary transfers, and educational visits to Cuba.

Now, to tell you the truth people, I would surely not hope to see any form of war between Cuba and the US particularly because it is too close to home for comfort! I mean, lest we forget that Jamaica is a tiny island just a short distance south of Cuba. In fact, if something like this were to happen, the entire Caribbean basin would be looking at some really hard years ahead of us both economically and politically. You see, my thing is that I love the culture and social structure of Cuba, but I'm living in Jamaica and a citizen of the Caribbean as well. From where I stand, I think our entire region would end up with the dirty end of the stick, so I think we all need to join hands and chant "Give Peace a Chance!" cause I'm sure that no one wants to go to war, especially when the US is involved.

Incidentally, if G.W. and Fidel were supposed to fight it out man to man, who do you think would win? Now I know that G.W. would have some pretty decent strategery going into the fight, but lest we not forget that Fidel was a soldier himself and spent many years fighting for Libertad in the jungles of Cuba alongside legendary figures like Che Guevera, so I would think that he would still have some mad skillz. Now, with respect to technology, G.W. would definately have the upper-hand particularly when it comes to weapons of war...but don't underestimated Fidel, cause he fought against some major odds in the days of the revolution still, so technology might not really make a difference here. Now, Fidel is a lotlittle bit older than G.W. so that might be a factor in his performance, however, as the pictures in the article shows, he still looks pretty solid even at his age. Well, I have the odds 2:1 in favor of Fidel, any takers?