And In Other News...

Hmmm, is it Saturday already? Gee, I wouldn't notice, because lately all my days seem to be fused together into one long, tortuous epoch. I guess it's the anticipation of knowing that you'll be defending your thesis [and practically your life] in a few days combined with the long wait to receive my paperwork from the government that makes it OK for me to work for pay. In any case, the last few days have been practically dull and monotonous...nothing really worth blogging about. I guess these things will change in a few days as I become increasingly concerned with my final defense preparations, teaching, class prep for the Fall semester and, oh yes, that horrible M, not Marriage, I'm actually talking about Moving. Funny enough, I don't think I'll miss this old apartment complex very much, even though I've lived here almost 6 years now! To the contrary, I'll be really happy to leave downtown Little Big City behind for the comfort of a nicer apartment. Speaking of which, I need to find a bank that will be willing to offer me a loan so that I can pay of my minute [by comparison to most people I know] credit card bills and get ready for the move. So many things to do, and so little time--life can be such a dynamic and wonderful thing at times!

Now, in other news, have you all been paying attention to the latest media buzz about this new movie called Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore that is supposed to provide a very interesting exposé on the reasons for the attacks on America. It is supposed to be a critical, unbiased explanation of why Americans are hated so much and talks about the other motives [i.e. oil, greed, etc.] that served as the impetus for the war we are now waging. Now, the thing is that the movie is banned in some states and I'm not sure if it's coming to mine! I have heard rumors that the film is being showed in a small theater somewhere, but I'm just not sure how far it is from the city I live in. At any rate, I believe this movie will be a true eye-opener and I plan to make every effort to see it! Just a few days since it's release and the movie has definately caused quite a stir, check out this article that totally bashed the movie--I mean, the author basically stated that s#it couldn't be used to describe the film, because the value of s#it would be cheapened! Now, I tell you, does this not sound like a movie that is well worth seeing?

To top of a week of controversy, VP Cheney using the F-word to berate Lehay and then defending the use of the word as well! And, if things couldn't get better, how about this article that tells the woeful tale of Bush being caught on tape in his underwear in Ireland...if this piece of news makes you happy or turned on in anyway, please go check yourself.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Michael Moore is also the director of the controversial flick Bowling for Columbine that devled deeper into the psyche of why shooting crimes, particularly in high schools, have become some prevalent in the American in recent times. The dude really has a lot to say, check out this interview with him that was done late last year by the UK me, the dude has a heck of a lot to say!