Legend of Bobst Boy

Hmmm, what was I going to talk about again? Oh yeah, that's right. I was recently surfing around on the MSNBC web site and came across an interesting article about this college kid that lived in the sub-basement of the Bobst Library at New York University (NYU) for almost eight months. Turns out the resourceful young man just couldn't afford to pay living expenses, even with 4 jobs and a full scholarship! [oh the high price of an American education]. He even set up a website about his plight and became somewhat of a campus hero. I must say my hat goes of to Bobst Boy for living the way he did, washing up in the bathrooms, taking showers at friends apartments, and storing his clothes in lockers.

Hmmm, gives me my own ideas about moving out of my own apartment and moving into the fitness center they have at my school--I could live ten times better than Bobst Boy and I could even have my own shower room, swimming pool, central heating and a/c, gym, and so on. At any rate, the part about the article that I found most interesting was that NYU officials discovered the web site and decided to take action, so they put the kid in a free dorm and every thing seems honky dory. Though I do applaud the intentions of the university and I'm really happy that Bobst Boy has found a home, I must question the actions of the university [after all, I am the Angry Dog].

See, I figure that the real reason why Bobst Boy got a home was because the university didn't want to be seen in an unfavorable light, so to save themself the embarrasment they decided to make special accomodations for Bobst Boy and look really really cool in the process. Well, the way I see it, they've just set a new precedent and I believe that they should extend this type of assistance to each and every student who show evidence that they cannot sustain the high cost of university housing. In that light, I'd be really really curious to see how other universities would respond to this; would they also have "poor student" housing as well? I'd be totally in favor of this type of scenario myself, because I know the horrors of student housing and I totally agree with the university making some kind of arrangments to help us out!

{arf, arf}