Gonna get me 5 $25 eMac PCs!!! + Other Rambling

$25 eMac PCs??? Gimme Gimme!!!
I found a really interesting article on Fark.com this morning. It turns out that a Japanese company accidentally offered Apple eMac PCs for $25 on their web site recently! I guess there was some mix up with the product code for the computers, but it turns out the site got orders from around 20,000 people ordering 100 million eMacs!!! Sadly, the company wasn't able to fulfill the orders [like, duh]. You can see the full details of the story on PCWorld's site. Heck, I don't blame those people ordering that many Macs, heck I'd probaby order me about 100 of them myself and hand them out to people like Nino Brown handing out turkeys on Christmas!

Romance Behind Bars
Speaking of which, here's an opportunity to all my friends who are into Adobe Photoshop. See, I was randomly surfing the web and found this web site called Friends Beyond the Walls and, if you haven't figured out from the name yet, it turns out to be a web site where incarcerated folks can meet and correspond with people on the outside. So, if you're looking for love and you're not sure if that special someone is actually behind bars, then this is definately a good place to start looking!

Ok, Ok, I'm straying from my point. It turns out that these people offer a very unique service called "Photos Beyond The Wall" where they harness the magic of Photoshop to take you "outside" of prison by cleverly imposing a picture of yourself and loved ones over an image of some "exotic" location of your choice. If you don't believe me, you can check it out here.

I mean, it is a really cool idea [heck, I wish I'd thought about it before] and I'm not making fun of brothers and sisters behind bars or anything, but I just find it extremely amusing the way people find opportunities to use technology to take advantage of people caught up in these unfortunate situations in order to turn a profit for themselves.

Wrecked Exotic Autos
I consider myself to be, among other things, a connoseiur of fine automobiles [though I do wish I had the money to actually purchase some of these cars]. So, you can understand the emotional stress that I am placed under when I find a web site like Wrecked Exotics that shows pictures of extraordinarily beautiful automobiles wrecked by some unfortunate [or extremely careless] rich person who'll probably end up buying a new one a couple hours later. Of all the cars on the site, the one that hurts me the most is the Ferrari Enzo, the racing inspired 660 bhp street-legal creation named after Enzo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari. I believe that in the first year of it's release only 400 were made. Now, thanks to this driver, that number has been reduced to 399 [actually, 398 if you consider that this is the second Enzo ever wrecked]. Makes me really sad to see exotic autos just wasted like this, shaemful, shameful :(.

Anyhoo, I believe I've done ranting this morning, so I'm going to go back to the real world now.

{arf, arf}